6-years in business, now that’s a milestone worth celebrating!

Because if you’re in business, you’ll know firsthand how tough it can be. And the odds are stacked against us with a whopping one out of five new businesses failing within the first year, and only two-thirds making it through the second. Looking out 10 years, only 30% of those new businesses will still exist!

While strictly speaking the 6-year anniversary isn’t until October, the joys of owning the business means I can decide when to start the celebrations. And I choose now!

I’d love for you to join me because you’re an important part of this journey, thank you 🙌

This celebration isn’t just about business, it’s about life!

Because work is part of our world, it’s not the whole thing (or at least, it shouldn’t be!). I learnt early on how precious life is, in fact I’ve had two significant health scares that have reminded me not to take each day for granted, and that’s meant I’ve leveled up my life and business so that I live well.

And it isn’t just about me - it’s about you too!

So, I kicked off the celebration with 2 GIVEAWAYS. Scroll down 👇👇👇 to check out what those amazing opportunities were.

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Business birthday #giveaways…

Winners will be announced on 20 September 2019!

Calling all business owners and those who aspire to be a business owner…

There are 3 x 90-minute coaching sessions up for grabs. Three business owners or people dreaming of becoming a business owner, have the opportunity to spend 1 1/2 hours talking all things biz-related!

What we talk about is up to you, as long as there’s a business link, let’s go there! Maybe you’ve got an idea that you want to explore, perhaps you feel stuck, or maybe there’s something you’ve been wanting to do but can’t figure out your first step. Perhaps business feels all-consuming and you want to create more space for you and create a better life-work balance..

These sessions will be done by online video or in-person (by agreement) in October.

About me:
Before setting up my own business I worked in the corporate world at all levels of management (including executive) and did a lot of strategic and business planning. I love writing, social media, connecting people, helping solve problems, and I’m trained in neuro linguistic programming, so we can do some mindset work too!

Register by 5pm on 18 September 2019 (NZT) to win one of these 3 sessions. The 3 winners will be contacted by email and announced on LinkedIn by 20 September.

And the winner is … Samantha Ford! Sam and two of her friends will get to spend 3-hours talking with me about all things life-related. Congratulations!

You, me and 2 of your besties talk all things life-related!

Let’s get together and chat about life over a cuppa and sweet treat, or a glass of wine and nibbles!

This is an opportunity for you to invite 2 of your friends and hang out with me for 3-hours.

We’re going to dive into how to live well, get clarity about what that means to you, and identify what you need to give your attention, energy and focus to now.

Maybe you’re facing a challenge or there’s an opportunity available to you now - we could talk about that too!

We’ll get together at my home in Te Awamutu or perhaps somewhere in Cambridge or Hamilton. For locations outside of there, we can do the session online or discuss the cost of me traveling to you.

There might be some tears 😢 and you can count on there being some laughter 😂. And you know what? It’ll be so worth it because you’ll leave with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for life and the confidence to BE, DO and HAVE what matters to you.

Register on Facebook by 5pm on 18 September 2019 (NZT). The winner will be announced on Facebook on 19 September.

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