Wondering if working with a life coach is right for you?

Heard about life coaching but not sure what it's about? Here are answers to some often-asked questions. I trust this information helps you but if you're still not sure or have a question that's not been answered, get in touch.

Q. What's REALiving Coaching?

REALiving coaching is a form of life coaching designed to help you answer the big question ... what does living my real life mean to me?

With that all-important question answered, we then work together to help you move forward confidently, responding to any challenges or obstacles you may face, so you live well.

Q. How does REALiving coaching happen?

At the heart of REALiving coaching are focused, purposeful conversations.  As a REALiving life coach I guide you and provide structure, tools and techniques so you feel inspired and empowered to ...

  • connect with your real self and get a deeper, richer understanding of who you are

  • understand what living your real life means to you

  • respond to a significant event like the death of a loved one, a relationship break up, a serious illness, or redundancy

  • set health, life and business goals + a develop a roadmap to achieve them

  • form new, beneficial ways of thinking and acting

and so much more!

Q. Does REALiving Coaching provide me with the answers and make decisions for me?

No. Definitely not.

If you want someone (other than you) to provide answers or make your decisions for you, then REALiving coaching isn't right for you.  I won't tell you what to do because you know you best.

As we work together you'll realise that you know your own answers and you'll feel confident to make your own decisions.

I provide a judgement free, confidential environment in which you can explore who you are, where you're at, where you want to be and get clarity on the steps you need to take to get there.

Q. How do I choose a life or business coach?

There are many life coaches offering a wide range of products and services. It's important to find someone you feel comfortable working with. Take time to ask yourself (and write down) what you're looking for in a life coach. It might be someone to hold you accountable, someone who can inspire you because there's something in their life story that's similar to yours, or it might someone who uses an approach you really like.

Ask family and friends for recommendations or search online for a coach. Simply enter keys words such as "coach", "life coach", “business coach” or "coaching” and check them out online. Some coaches, like me, offer a free 30-minute call so you can learn more about coaching and the coach.

You can find out more about REALiving Coaching and me:

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