Hello there. The resources on this page have been specifically chosen for the people who came along to Leukemia Blood Cancer NZs national forum in Wellington, September 2018.

Charting Your Course From Here

You have the power to choose. What will you take with you from the forum?

You know what's right for you. What will you give your attention, energy and focus to?

Small steps make a big difference. What steps will you take?


Vision Boards

Vision boards (sometimes called a dream board and there are other names too) are a great way to visually depict what's important to you. You can use vision boards for a goal, your ideal day, your business, a new home, renovations, a holiday and I even made one when I was diagnosed with lymphoma. My board was all about what high quality health looked and felt like to me, and what I needed to focus on. There's a picture of that board on page 1 of the information sheet. 

>>> DOWNLOAD: Vision board information sheet <<<

Your Beliefs Shape Your Reality

Your beliefs influence what you think, say and do. So I reckon that makes understanding beliefs really important. 

>>> DOWNLOAD: Your beliefs shape your reality <<<

Every Day Wisdom to Live Well ebook

The Every Day Wisdom To Live Well ebook is full of information and inspiration to help you live well. Practical tips, suggestions, how to's and thought-provoking questions specifically chosen to support you every day.

Keep the book handy and dive into it whenever you need inspiration to move you forward, to get out of a funk, or simply because you know today is the day for change.

>>> DOWNLOAD: Every Day Wisdom to Live Well volume 3 <<<

If you have any questions about the information I've provided or anything I said at the forum, please let me know. You can email me at tracey@traceyhancock.com or contact me here. I'd love to hear from you.

And if you'd like further information and inspiration, feel free to check me out on Facebook or Instagram.

I wish you well,

- Tracey


P.S In the ebook and in other places on the information sheets you might see "REALiving Coaching" - that was my business name, now it's me, Tracey Hancock. Just thought I'd let you know in case it caused any confusion.