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Get set for business success!

Tracey is a one a in a million person, she is magical and delightful, so positive. It is infectious. Tracey helped me in my business with setting my values. It was a great task to work through and gave some great insights into myself and how I work with other people! Whenever I get together with Tracey it is one of those moments that you just don’t want to end, I could talk and learn with her for hours! Her time is invaluable. If you need some help in your personal or business life call Tracey, don’t just think about it actually call her. I have found that having a business coach makes it clear that you have to hold yourself accountable to meet your goals and be successful in business.

Chantelle Good, business owner - The Good P.A.

Wanting to make changes but not sure where to start.

I found REALiving via the Wellness Directory and chose to work with Tracey because after an initial meeting I came away feeling excited about the future and ready to make changes for the better. I wanted to change aspects of my life but had no idea where to start or how to go about it. Tracey soon had me viewing things from a completely different perspective which enabled me to explore and grow far more than I thought possible. I really enjoyed the flexibility of real time Skype catchups which meant I could chat via the comfort of my own surroundings. Tracey provided me with the insight and tools I needed to make some big shifts in my thinking and behaviours which has resulted in me losing almost 10kg and gaining clarity in every area of my life. The coaching has been invaluable!

Sarah, Cambridge (NZ)

Where am I going? What do I do next?

These are questions we often have when we’re about to embark on a journey of change. In my case I knew what I wanted to do and that it was the right thing for me but I didn’t know how to get there, and at times, even where to begin. 

I connected with Tracey. She helped me to gain clarity and understand who I am. We also focussed on the steps I need to take to start my own business. Starting a business can be such a daunting process and to be able to say to someone, I actually don’t know what to do next, and know they will help you without judgement is incredible. 

Tracey has provided me with the guidance, resources and tools to take actionable steps and progress towards achieving my business dreams.  This has been invaluable and I have appreciated the time and effort she has put into helping me. 

Never underestimate the value of expert advice and coaching! It is money and time well spent. What you learn and gain in an hour or two can save you months and months in trying to work things through yourself. 

I highly recommend you connect with Tracey to life your life, your way”.

Belinda Bassett, Hamilton

The power of getting stuff out of your head.

"Trying to sort stuff out in ones mind is often difficult, having someone to talk through those thoughts is powerful ... this is what I gained from the services of Tracey."

Kay, Auckland

You know the answers.

"Tracey does not give you the answer - you find the answers with her help.  She will apply what means she has to make you think another way, opening up different areas in your mind that perhaps had not been considered.

Jenny, Hamilton


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