The 2019 Live Well Planner is on it's way!

The Planner and support Programme is designed to help people like YOU live a life that's full of meaning not filled with stress. The very first Planner was launched in mid-2018 and those who snapped it up are well pleased they did!


Because it's so easy, isn't it, to get pushed and pulled by demands, distractions and deadlines. The days, weeks, months and years fly by in a blur and you don't always feel like you've got the power to direct your own life and business.

I know what that's like and so do the people who are currently using the Planner.  that's how I used to feel about life and work. Shoulds and what I thought others expected of me directed my life. I felt the pressure to continually do more, be more, have more so that I was liked, loved and accepted. But it wasn't fulfilling, in fact, it was downright stressful!

Why this Planner and this support Programme?

I hear from so many people that they'd like to work 1:1 with me but for various reasons, often money, they're not able to commit. And the truth is, there's only so many people I can work with 1:1 at any given time. But I want to help as many people as possible!

Now before I carry on, a quick reminder. It is possible to live well - to live, work and play your way. But it won't just happen.

After months of going backwards and forwards trying to work out how to provide you with the tools, strategies and support that will help you live well, it's here! A Planner that you can hold in your hands and write in + a Programme to support you!

Okay, let's get serious about what's on offer for you:

  • A printed copy of the 2019 REALiving Planner - The A4-sized Planner incorporates the method I personally use for my life and business, and it's what I share with my 1:1 clients. There are pages to plan for the year (or in this case, the last 6 months of 2018), each month and your weekly priorities and daily focus. 

    It's more than just a Planner that you're getting. It's a total system designed to help you live and work the way you want to. As it's the first time I've printed a copy of the planning method I use, I've kept it simple. Why? Because I wanted to get it in your hands as soon as possible so you can finish 2019 well.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you'll receive information, inspiration, support and accountability.
  • A monthly deep dive on a specific topic. Each of the topics are specially chosen to help you live your real life. We'll talk about beliefs, habits, language, goal setting, creating a vision and so much more. 
  • Live Q&A in the Facebook group. I know you'll have questions, so each month we'll connect for a live Q&A session.

And a bonus!

  • 30-day your health, your life challenge. This programme will help you support your whole health - emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. With daily activities, it gives you an opportunity to try new things or perhaps deepen into what you're already doing, either way, it's about supporting and elevating your health.

PLUS ... the first 10 people to purchase the Live Well Planner and support Programme will get a set of 3x REALiving Inspiration notebooks valued at NZ$25.00

So, here's what it will cost you

For this year only the Planner is just $20. Yep, that's right. Just $20 and that includes postage & packaging.

For 6 months support, that includes access to the Facegroup group, the monthly deep dive on a specific topic and the live Q&A each month, you'll pay $150 (at $30 a month for foundation members - that's what you'll be when you sign-up now - the programme would usually cost $180, so that's a $30 saving!).

All up, your investment to get the Planner and 6-month programme is one payment of just $170. That's less than the cost of ONE 1:1 coaching session with me. Incredible value! 

If you're keen and the only thing holding you back from saying "yes! sign me up" is money, email me now and let's talk about payment options.

I've designed the Planner and Programme with you in mind because I know you want to get off the hamster wheel and stop simply reacting to whatever comes along.

This is for you if you're...

>>> feeling lost and uncertain, but know there must be a way forward

>>> questioning who you are and what’s next for you because you want more!

Or if you've...

>>> got a dream for how you want to live your life but not sure how to make it real

>>> you’ve got the beginnings of a business idea or maybe you're in business but want to shake things up

If that sounds like you, then this opportunity is for YOU.

And the timing is perfect because we’re halfway through the year and if you’re ready to get off auto-pilot, stop the hamster wheel and reset to live YOUR REAL life, then you'll want to grab this opportunity with both hands!

Ready to say YES! to you and finish 2018 well? 

Now is your time to live well, to live your real life.

           - Tracey