2020 12-month LIVE WELL Programme (early bird special $297, usually $397)

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TH-109_websize weekly focus Instagram.jpg

2020 12-month LIVE WELL Programme (early bird special $297, usually $397)

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The Live Well Programme - a complete system to craft your life.

Because it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. The days, weeks, months and years fly by and all too often people are left feeling frustrated and disappointed that they’ve not made the changes or achieved the goals that matter to them.

Want to make 2020 the year where you shift the stuff that's been holding you back and keeping you stuck, so you FINALLY live well?

Because you know it's time for change. It's time to focus on your dreams and what you want to do, achieve and experience.

It’s possible to live well but it won't just happen and it can't happen without you being in the driver's seat of your life. The Live Well Programme will help you gain greater clarity about who you are, what you want, and the confidence to make it real.

When you purchase the 2020 12-month LIVE WELL Programme you get me as your coach and all of this…

  • Information & inspiration to help you craft your life.

  • Support & encouragement from me and the other Live Well participants in our private Facebook group.

  • Accountability! You're probably letting some things slide (I do too), so we'll hold each other accountable for doing what we say we'll do.


  • The Live Well Life Planner. An invaluable companion as you craft your life.

  • Access to a private Facebook group for 12-months.

  • 12 deep dive modules, one a month, covering topics ranging from the 8 elements of a whole life, values, beliefs, habits, creating a vision, manifesting, goal setting, achieving your goals and so much more!

  • 24 x LIVE sessions with me in our private Facebook group where you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions.

  • Information and inspiration through the Facebook group and emails from me.

About the Life Planner

The A4 sized planner is wire bound and packed with 200+ pages of goodness including:

  • Prompts to help you review and reflect on 2019,

  • Questions to help you reconnect with yourself and your own dreams,

  • Space for you to write down what you want in 2020, and

  • Annual, monthly and weekly pages to help you stay focused on what matters most to YOU throughout the year.

Sign-up for the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL by 20 October (NZT) and you'll get:

  • The full 12-month programme and life planner for $297 (saving $100 off the usual price of $397)

  • 6 bonus worksheets

  • An extra LIVE call with me in December 2019

  • Free postage of your Planner (NZ-only)

Some important information that you need to know…

  1. The doors to register for the 12-month Live Well Programme and Life Planner open just once a year (and that's in October)!

  2. You’ll receive a copy of the Live Well Life Planner by post in late-November / early-December 2019.

  3. The Live Well private Facebook group opens in December 2019.

  4. To get the most out of this programme you need to actively participate. Because no one knows you better than you do and no one knows what you want for your life like you do. You know the fire you feel in your belly and the way your heart beats when you think about your dream. If you’re committed to doing the work, then this Programme is for you!

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