Who are you, really?

It might seem like a silly question - after all you’re you, right. But who is that exactly? Because over time, it’s likely you’ve changed who you are to fit in, to be liked or loved by others, or to keep the peace.

If you’ve been feeling out of sorts or know that something isn’t right, it’s likely you’ve been trying to be and do what you think is expected of you. The way to get back on track and feeling fulfilled is to check in with yourself and answer that important question - “who are you, really?”

But it can be easier said than done! And trust me, having worked with 1000’s of people, you’re not alone with that. I’ve seen how much of a struggle it can be to answer that question and the depth of emotion that it can trigger. Having said that, I’ve also seen the benefits people gain from committing to themselves and answering it well. No one has ever said they’ve regretted doing it.

But where to start?

Join me, personal coach Tracey Hancock, for this 4-week programme that’s all about YOU knowing yourself better. Because what more important topic is there for you to delve into than getting to know yourself?!?

Want to gain the CLARITY and CONFIDENCE you need to be your real self?

Because it’s only when you’re clear about who you are that you’ll confidently make decisions and choices that are right for you. And that’s the path to living well now.

I created the “Who are you, really?” programme for people like you - people who are trying to figure themselves out. Because we all know our name and where we live. And of course, we know other stuff about ourselves too, but what about the deeper stuff?

For more years than I want to count (there’s too many!) I was highly stressed, burnt out and not always a nice person to be around. I was tired, short with people and hard on myself. It was only when I faced a significant health scare in my mid-20s that I really stopped to look at what was going on.

It makes me sad to know that it was only when I was so sick (one specialist had suggested I might die) that I stopped to think about myself and the way I was living and working. While I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn some important lessons, it’s scary to think how far I’d pushed my mind and body.

Getting to know myself, really know myself, was a turning point. Because, finally, I realised why I felt out of sorts, why I got so stressed and why was short with others and mean to myself. I finally got it.

I wasn’t treating myself with care and respect, I was punishing myself for not being good enough, for not fitting in and for not being like others. But what I realised was this … who I really am is truly amazing! When I’m standing in my truth, when I’m being the real me, I’m passionate, loving and caring.

Over the years, I’ve worked with many people and consistently I notice that it’s the same for them too. They’ve felt unsure, trapped, stuck, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled. And all of that’s affected how they show up and their experience of life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s not how life is meant to feel!

Who are you, really? is an important question to answer.

Because if you’re not being YOU then who are you being?

The further you get from being your real self, the greater the inner tension and dis-ease you experience. Left unchecked that’s going to cause havoc in the form of stress, burnout and illness.

Had enough of being sick and tired? Of being stressed and feeling overwhelmed or out of sorts? Join me and discover:

  • why it’s so important to know yourself (and why now is the best time to do that)

  • how to know, accept and approve of yourself so that you feel stronger and more fulfilled

  • the confidence you need to be you (because you really are the best person to be you!)

  • how to take purposeful action that aligns with who you are and what matters to you

  • what you need to know to create lasting, positive change in your life

The programme

The programme itself is delivered directly to your Inbox and you can work through it how and when you like. There are four modules and each builds on the other.

Introduction: Why knowing who you are is so important.

Some people might say it’s selfish and unnecessary to spend time getting to know who you are, and besides which, you know who you are! Well, I don’t agree. More often than not we’re trying to be the person we think we should be, the person we’re expected to be. That’s not the real you and it’s going to take a toll!

Module 1: Know your real self.

You were born perfect, perfectly you. But over time, in response to things that happened or were said, you started to change who you are. Hiding bits of you, pushing aside your dreams and doing your best not to stand out, life has probably become harder than it really needs to be. Knowing your real self is the key to unlocking the life you dream of living. And it is possible but first, you need to know your real self.

Module 2: Accept and approve of your real self

Knowing who you are is a great start BUT there’s something else that’s needed too. Because you can know yourself and still push bits of you aside in an attempt to fit in. It’s only when you ACCEPT and APPROVE of your real self that the magic happens. It’s then that you’ll allow yourself to flourish - that you’ll make decisions aligned with who you are. And these really are the best decisions because they’ll support you to live well.

Module 3: Navigating your life

Imagine going into the bush without a destination in mind, or a compass, map or GPS to guide you. It’s likely you’ll wander around aimlessly, back track, go around in circles and perhaps even get lost! How you’re living life now might feel a bit like that! You’re wandering around doing stuff, in fact you might even be really busy, but you feel lost. Learn about creating a vision for yourself and how to choose aligned, purposeful action that moves you forward well.

Module 4: Create lasting, positive change

There’s a lot in life that we can’t control and trying to will be downright stressful. But we can be more conscious of how we’re living - of what we’re choosing to do and say, of where we’re choosing to put our attention, energy and focus, of who we’re showing up as. Learn a series of strategies that will help you create lasting, positive change in your life now.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long is the programme?
A: There are 4-modules and you’ll receive one module a week for 4-weeks. You can work through each one at your own pace.

Q: Will I get to keep the programme forever?
A: All of the programme material will be emailed to you - if you save it, you’ll have access to it forever!

Q: But I don’t know who I am, how can this programme help me?
A: The good news is that the programme is designed to help you answer that question. And seriously, there’s no one who knows you better than YOU. The questions and prompts in each the programme, particularly module 1, will help you figure out who you are.

Q: Do I have to attend any classes or travel to do this programme?
A: No. The programme will be emailed directly to you and you can work through it when and where suits you best.

Q: Why this programme now?
A: You’re the best person to answer that question for yourself. But here’s what I can tell you. This programme is both practical and soulful. It’s a mix of my own experience, the experiences of people I’ve worked with, and proven neuroscience and coaching principles. And why now? Well, if not now, then when? Because now, this moment right here, is all we have for sure.

Let’s do this!

Ready to know yourself, your real self, even more?

Ready to not only know yourself, but approve and accept yourself like never before?

Ready to align how you’re living with who you are and what matters to you?

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