Want to make 2020 your year?

The year where you FINALLY focus on what matters to you! Where you start to feel MORE FULFILLED and less stressed.

Because it’s frustrating, isn’t it, to go year after year feeling like you’re not getting ahead! You’re busy, in fact you’re really busy - there’s always something to do! But all that busyness is coming from simply trying to cope with whatever gets thrown at you - it’s not actually helping you live well. Argh! When will it be your turn? When will it be your time? Because there are dreams you want to focus on and goals you want to achieve, right?

Or maybe, it’s not that you’re busy but you feel directionless. You don’t know what you want or where you’re heading! That’s frustrating, right? Because you’re trying really hard to figure things out but it’s not helping you feel any happier. Sometimes it’s not about trying harder, it’s about stepping back and getting clear about what matters to you.

And that’s where the 12-month Live Well programme and planner can help!

The Live Well Programmer has changed my life this year. I am focused and know exactly why I am doing what I am doing each day. I am not in auto pilot anymore wondering why I feel unfulfilled at the end of the week. The deep dives are thought provoking in a gentle way. I appreciate the support group as well. I will definitely sign up next year.

- 2019 12-month Live Well programme participant and planner user

The doors will be opening for the 2020 Live Well programme and planner again soon. And you won’t want to miss out, because they only open ONCE A YEAR!

If you don’t want to go through another year feeling frustrated and disappointed, sign-up now to receive the latest news, special offers and to hear when the doors open!

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