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What is the Live Well Programme?

“Live Well” is an online 12-month training programme that teaches planning and mindset strategies to people who want to stop reacting to life and start living it purposefully.

Wherever you’re at in life, the Live Well Programme will help you gain greater clarity about who you are, what you want and the confidence to make it real.

This practical programme is designed to help YOU step into the driver’s seat and chart a course so you can live well today, every day.

How does the Live Well Programme work?

You’ll receive a printed copy of the 2020 Live Well Life Planner and in it are a series of exercises and questions so you can:

  • review and reflect on 2019,

  • figure out what you need to release to start 2020 well, and

  • reset and plan for 2020.

Then each month you’ll receive a module, by email, packed with information and inspiration on our deep dive topic. Every month there’s a new topic and they’re specifically chosen to help you understand yourself and what you want even more.

Plus there are LIVE sessions with me in our private Facebook group. These sessions are your chance to learn more and ask questions.

You can expect…

  • Information & inspiration to help you craft your life.

  • Support & encouragement from me and the other Live Well participants in our private Facebook group.

  • Accountability! You're probably letting some things slide (I do too), so we'll hold each other accountable for doing what we say we'll do.

What’s in the Programme?

The Live Well Programme includes:

  • The Live Well Life Planner. An invaluable companion as you craft your life.

  • Access to a private Facebook group for 12-months.

  • 12 deep dive modules, one a month, covering topics ranging from the 8 elements of a whole life, values, beliefs, habits, creating a vision, manifesting, goal setting, achieving your goals and so much more!

  • 24 x LIVE sessions with me in our private Facebook group where you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions.

  • Information and inspiration through the Facebook group and emails from me.

Plus if you sign-up for the early-bird special (details to come closer to the time) you’ll get even more!

Who is the Programme for?

If you want to learn how to use practical planning and mindset strategies to craft your life and align how you live with your highest values, the Live Well Programme is for you.

Typically the people who join this Programme are:

  • Juggling demands, deadlines and never ending To Do lists at home and work. They feel exhausted from all the busyness and frustrated because they know something isn’t right but they’ve not been able to put their finger on what!

  • Feeling unsure, lost and directionless. If you were to ask them what they want in life, they’d say “I don’t know!” They’ve been trying hard to figure things out but just keep drawing a blank which is frustrating and stressful.

  • Thinking their life is ‘okay’ (and they really should be happy) but they feel frustrated and disappointed. They know there’s something more, something better for them and their life, and they want help to figure it out.

Do any of those sound like you?

Is it your turn, your time to live well?

Only you can answer that question. But if you know you want 2020 to be THE YEAR where you FINALLY focus on what matters to you, then your answer is likely to be YES!

Because, truth be told, the thought of another year flying by in a blur of “what ifs…” and regrets, is frustrating and disappointing, right?

  • If you want to feel MORE FULFILLED and less stressed.

  • If you want to learn how to CONFIDENTLY PRIORITISE what’s important to you.

  • If you want to LIVE IN ALIGNMENT with your highest values.

Then now is your time because there are dreams you want to focus on and goals you want to achieve!


Important information

▶ The doors to register for the 12-month Live Well Programme and Life Planner open just once a year in October!

▶ You’ll receive a copy of the Live Well Life Planner by post in late-November / early-December 2019.

▶ The Live Well private Facebook group opens in December 2019. And If you signed-up for the early-bird special, you’ll receive a bonus module then too. Everyone else gets their first module in January 2020.

▶ To get the most out of this programme you need to actively participate. Because no one knows you better than you do and no one knows what you want for your life like you do. You know the fire you feel in your belly and the way your heart beats when you think about your dream. If you’re committed to doing the work, then this Programme is for you!

▶ There’s an early-bird offer, including a special price and bonuses. To get these you must sign-up before the early-bird period closes.

Serious about making 2020 your year? Then you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to say YES!

The 12-month Live Well Programme and Life Planner are changing lives for the better. Is it your turn? Is it your time?

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