About the Live Well Planner

Hello and welcome, you’re in the right place to find out more about using the Live Well Planner well.

I created the Planner to be a practical guide so you can craft a life you love. Because you deserve to live well. Today. Every day.

I really do believe that.

But we live in a world that will, in a heartbeat, push and pull you with demands, deadlines and distractions. It'll try to grab your attention with a never-ending stream of opportunities and challenges, and where, despite being busy, will leave you feeling unfulfilled.

By saying YES! to using this Planner, you're saying YES! to yourself and YES! to living well now.

Congratulations on taking this step and committing to crafting a life you love. Because if there's one thing I've learnt in life, it's that life is short and precious.

This Planner (and the 12-month Live Well Programme) incorporate the exact method I've used for years. I combined my passion for planning and my love of mindset (NLP) coaching to craft a system that has helped me gain clarity about who I am and what I want. And that's led me to create change in my life so that how I live and work aligns well with what matters to me.

And that's my wish for you.

That you live and work in alignment with what matters to you.


Review and Reflect

In this section of the Planner you'll review and reflect on 2018. It's an opportunity to check in on how you went with your intention and goals or priorities for the year. If you didn't set an intention or choose any goals or priorities, simply skip over those pages.

Now - and this bit is REALLY important to remember- as you do this or any of the work in the Planner, do it with kindness. It's not an opportunity to beat yourself up. It's not a deep dive into a pit of despair and regret, or an opportunity to get stuck in the past. Okay? Will you promise me, actually - will you promise yourself - that you'll do this important work with kindness?

And just on that. There's no right or wrong way to use the Live Well Planner. There's your way. I'll make suggestions and let you know how I use it but PLEASE do what feels right for you.

Coming up next

Write down your successes, achievements, proud moments and special events from the year. Nothing is too small, if it matters to you write it down. Then on the next page, write down what didn't go well, didn't get done or not get done as well as you would have liked. Now remember, this isn't a chance to beat yourself up, be an observer and simply notice.

You're human, so there will have been lows and tough times throughout the year. And it's important to acknowledge, rather than ignore, them. Because from everything that's gone well and not well, you will have learnt lessons and grown. But often we don't notice that, we don't notice the lessons or how we've grown. Well, now is your chance!

Hmm, it's easy to wish for a time when everything is perfect and where all of those ducks are lined up exactly! But the truth is, there isn't really a time like that, there's only now. Rather than focus on what you don't have or wish for that magical, perfect future, notice what you're grateful for now. This is an important step because when you express gratitude you'll raise your spirits, be more likely to notice opportunities and possibilities, and have a greater sense of hope (rather than hopelessness).


We carry so much 'stuff' that we don't need anymore. It weighs you down, keeps you stuck and holds you back from embracing the new. There'll be things you need to release - beliefs, thoughts, feelings, behaviours, habits, regrets, situations, possessions, environments, roles, people and relationships. It's only natural. In fact, you don't need to look any further than nature to know it's how things work. There are four seasons - winter is a time of rest, spring is new beginnings and growth, summer is about wholehearted activity, and autumn is a time of letting go. It's okay to let go of what no longer serves you well.

Reset for 2019

Then there's the section to reset for the new year ahead.

You could push ahead and set goals now but I'd recommend pausing for a moment. There are some important questions to be answered first.

This is me!

When I ask my clients who they are really, many struggle to answer. Yeah sure, they'll tell me they're a parent, a partner or spouse, a child, a sibling, an employee or employer and so on. But that doesn't tell me who they are. In this section, the focus is on the essence of you - those qualities that make you YOU.

And the other key question is, what do you value? What really matters to you? And remember, there's no right or wrong, focus on what is true for you. Trust that the words that come to mind are right for you. Don't judge or censor your thoughts, simply write what comes to mind.

Living well means

Ready to do some dreaming?

As children we dreamed a LOT! But as serious adults doing serious adult stuff we tend to push aside our dreams. that dream is still there though, isn't it? It's time to shine a light on your dream now. In the Planner, on the Living Well Means page, you'll see some prompts to help you think about your whole life and to get you thinking about your dream.

2019 in all its glory

Now it's time to get more specific. Thinking about everything you've written down in your Planner so far, you're going to get specific about 2019. Use the questions in the Planner (they're on the page titled,"2019 in all its glory") to help you with this work.

2019 in more detail!

And just when you thought you couldn't get any more detailed, you can!

On the "2019 in more detail!" page, it's time to get super specific. I give the year a theme. Because I have my own business, I'll sometimes have two themes - one for my personal life and one for my business. And sometimes they're the same, so I just have one.

Right, you know the deal - there's no right or wrong, there's just your way! So go ahead and choose a word, message or theme that will be your North Star for the year. If you like to use oracle cards or other spiritual tools, you might choose to use those here.

And in case you're wondering what sort of theme to choose, I'll share some of mine but please remember, there really is no right or wrong. Choose what's right for you.

Adventure. Experiment. Consolidate. Care. Fun. Learning.

Be. Do. Have.

Be. Do. Have. is one of my favourite tools and here's why.

A lot of people think that to be happy, to feel fulfilled in life and business, they need to do things and have stuff. And while doing and having are important and have a place. Be is the place to start! Get really honest about how you want to be. How do you really want to feel? Once you know that, you can start to think about what you'll do and have that supports the way you want to be.

Keep. Stop. Start.

Another one of my favourite tools (I have a few!).

There are some 'things' in your life and business that you want to keep. It might be things you're doing, thinking or saying. Whatever they are, you know you want to keep them because they're important to you and they're working well for you.

Then, what will you stop doing, thinking and saying? You know what I'm talking about! It can sometimes seem scary to stop doing things, to say no, to let go but if you don't, how can what you need now come into your life?

And the third step, what will you start doing, thinking and saying? I love this one! Because it gives you permission to start something new. And even though it may mean going outside your comfort zone, it'd be worth it, right?

Self-love and care

You matter! And you deserve your own self-love and care. So let's get clear about what it is you need.

Now, a word of caution before you start. There's a lot of stuff out there on the internet, across social media and in any magazine you pick up about what you should do. But this is about you and what do you need? Just because someone meditates for 2 hours a day doesn't mean you have to! If you want to meditate and you only have 5 minutes, then do that. If swimming is your form of meditation, then do that. Declare what you need and commit to starting (remember, start small and be kind to yourself).

Goals and priorities

Now let's get those goals and priorities for the year ahead sorted.

Avoid getting hung up on the words. If goals aren't your thing, then call them priorities or whatever works for you! The key thing is you decide what really deserves your attention, energy and focus?

And because you can't do everything (none of us can) choose just 3-5 goals or priorities for the year ahead.

Remember, what's most important to you?

2019, the full view!

Here you've got a 2019 calendar and January 2020 (eeek!). Before you go any further, have a think about the important dates coming up in the year. Write those dates down, you might even make a note about how you'd like to celebrate them! My birthday is one of the first important dates that I write down. Because I'm important and so are you!

2019 at a glance is oh-so useful! I like to add key personal and business milestones, projects, activities, holidays or whatever else is important to me. It's a great way to see, at a glance, what the year is looking like.

And not to alarm you, but with the 12 boxes on the page like that, it's easy to see how it can fly by IF you're not keeping an eye on things!

2019, month by month

Now every month you'll see the same thing happening.

There's a calendar for the month and it's set up with space for you to write notes on it.

The first step each month is to Reset.

Write down your intention, top 3 goals or priorities, and guidance and inspiration, affirmations and mantras for the month ahead. Everything you do, things you say yes or no too, will be directed by what you write on this page. (And of course, it will link back to what you want 2019 to be like, your intention and those big goals or priorities you set)

Then at the start of each week, write down your intention, top 3 goals or priorities and decide what needs your attention, energy and focus on each day. I like to write my appointments, any important reminders and information like birthdays and anniversaries in the daily spaces.

Then wrap-up the week by noting down your successes, achievements, proud moments and special events, along with what did go well, didn't get done or not done as well as you'd like. Remember, it's not an opportunity to beat yourself up, it's a chance to identify the lessons learnt and to realise how you've grown. And the last, but by no means the least, step in the weekly wrap-up is to write down what you're grateful for.

In the lead up to a new month, go through the Review, Reflect and Release steps. It's designed to set you up well for the new month ahead.

And that's the sequence you'll repeat for the rest of the year. Reset for a new month. Review, Reflect and Release the month that's been. Cool, aye!

As with anything new, it may feel uncomfortable, hard or perhaps awkward to start with. Do what you can and do it the way that feels right to you. Trust that as you become more familiar with the process, it'll become easier. And in case you're thinking "but this is going to take me hours and days", whoa up a moment. It won't. It'll take as long as you allow it to take. Got 5 minutes to do your monthly reset, then take 5 minutes. Got an hour, then take an hour. The key thing is to start.

How to get started

I recommend dedicating time over the Christmas / New Year period to review and reflect on 2018, release what you no longer need and reset for 2019. You might do this all at once (I usually dedicate a couple of days to do my life and business planning for the year ahead), or spread it over a several days or weeks. It just depends how you like to work. So, as always, do what feels right for you.

And if you're joining me for the 2019 12-month Live Well Programme, I'm so excited to be sharing even more information and inspiration with you throughout the year. Plus, you'll get support, encouragement and accountability over the 12-months.

Here’s a copy of what’s on this page for you to save and print. Click here to download it.

Go well in the year ahead.


P.S. Any questions, email me here.

P.P.S Not signed up for the 12-month Live Well Programme but are keen to now - let me know and let's get you sorted.