Honestly, what is it time to let go of?

Honestly, what is it time to let go of?

- Tracey Hancock

While it's important to take good care of yourself at any time, it's particularly important during the change of seasons. Here in New Zealand, we've started moving into autumn. I've gone from wearing t-shirts and shorts to pulling on jerseys and socks in the blink of an eye. We're moving into autumn at full speed, ready or not!

As the seasons change, it's important to listen to your body. 

Notice what you feel you need to start doing and what you need to change and let go of.

It might be physically noticeable, for example, you might start wanting different foods, moving from salads to soups, or maybe you want to be less active. You might also notice different emotions coming up for you. While it can be tempting to push aside feelings of anger, sadness, frustration, grittiness or other so-called 'negative' emotions, allow yourself to work through them.

Autumn is a time of letting go so don't resist what comes up for you.

Letting go, just like any change, can be challenging and scary. Often we accept what is even if it's not serving us well and push aside the changes we need to make because they might cause emotional, mental, physical or spiritual pain. 

You know what you need to change and let go of.

I invite you to sit quietly now. Focus on your breathe. Inhale slowly, calmly. Exhale slowly, calmly. In the silence and stillness bring to mind what it's time to change, what it's time to let go of.

It's not necessarily going to be an epic-sized change, like changing jobs or leaving a relationship, although that might be right for you. It might be as simple as going to bed earlier or moving from a fast-paced workout to a gentle yoga class.

When we cling to what has been and fear making a change, we stay stuck and hold ourselves back. 

With kindness and love, think about what it's time to change, what it's time to let go of and do what needs to be done. Allow yourself to move peacefully and easily into this new season.

Know someone, someone you love and care for, who needs to hear this message too? Please share. 

Live well - Tracey x

Tracey Hancock is a coach and mentor to people who want to put themselves and their health at the heart of everything in life and business. If you want to live YOUR REAL life well, contact Tracey to learn how the REALiving approach can help you.

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