Knowing what leads you to be unwell will help you elevate your health


Knowing what leads you to be unwell will help you elevate your health

By Tracey Hancock

Accidents don't just happen. There will always be a number of things that together create the unfortunate situation that leads to the accident. It's like that with your health.

You don't suddently become unwell overnight and it's unlikely to be the result of just one thing. There are events, signs or triggers that make up your unique pattern and let you know all is not well.

Now let’s go deep on this one. It’s more than just noticing that you have a scratchy throat or a gurgly tummy.

What feelings and thoughts are you experiencing before any physical expression of being unwell presents itself?

Here’s an example... 

When I hold back on saying something that matters to me because I’m fearful of what others will do or say, I get a scratchy throat. If I continue to hold back and also dive into negative self-talk, the scratchy throat will get worse and I’ll start to cough.

Knowing your pattern can help you take action and make changes that will not only nurture your health but elevate it.

The moment I get a scratchy throat, I stop and think about what’s going on and delve into what I’m holding back on. By taking action or saying what I need to say, I will, more often than not, feel immediately better.

We all have a 'health pattern' and understanding it will help you support your health. Does it mean you'll never feel unwell, no it doesn't. What it means is you'll be more aware of the pattern you run and be able to respond appropriately and in a timely manner when you notice your pattern has kicked into gear.

So, what’s your pattern, the events, signs or triggers that let you know all is not well? - Tracey

Tracey Hancock, creator and lead mentor of the High Quality Health Method – a methodology designed to help you develop and implement a plan that’s specifically tailored for you to achieve the level of health you desire for life.

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