Why putting down your armour will change your life

For more years than I dare count, I carried with me, everywhere, a heavy load.  Each time I felt I’d been wronged or hurt by someone I’d add another layer of armour.  Layer upon layer they built up.

It was a heavy load, but I thought well worth it.  I was sure each layer would keep me safe and allow me to be happy.  That they’d protect me from what others said, thought and did to me.

put down your armour

A life based on fear

What I came to realise though was all those layers of armour made things worse, much worse.  Instead of living in a place of love, love for myself and for others, I’d created a fort based on fear.

How could I possibly love life, feel safe or even happy when I had surrounded myself with so much fear.  The almost constant barrage of things I’d tell myself – you’re not good enough, people don’t like you and on it went.  That wasn’t serving me (or anyone else!).

I feel blessed in so many ways.  I’m grateful for all the people in my life, the experiences I’ve had and the opportunities to make a difference in the lives of friends, family, colleagues, clients and people within the community.

Is your armour holding you back?

But there was something holding me back from giving even more of myself.  Yeah, you guessed it, those layers of armour.

Have you got layers of armour?  Or maybe you refer to it as something else.  Maybe barriers, a moat or walls.  Whatever it is, is it really serving you?  Are you living as your authentic self?

Surrender and live in a place of love

I used to think ‘surrender’ meant giving up, being defeated and that someone else won at my expense.  But I recently learnt, thanks to Marianne Williamson’s book “Return to love”, that SURRENDER is making the decision to stop fighting the world and to start loving it instead.  And the “world” starts with you.

Have you heard the stuff we say to ourselves!  We think that other people are mean to us but what they say, do or think is light-weight compared to what we do to ourselves.

What we tell ourselves is all part of our armour.  It keeps us separate from the world.  You were born uniquely YOU.  Perfect and whole.   You ooze goodness and gorgeousness.  Let your sparkle shine brightly! 

Put down the armour

Today I don’t carry all that armour around.  Phew.  It sure was heavy and holding me back.

Do I still get triggered every now and then? Yes. 

Do I want to crawl off and find a set of armour or a dark cave? Yes. 

I’m human just like you. 

The difference is when those thoughts appear now I acknowledge them, thank them for trying to protect me, and let them go.  I don't need armour, I was born perfect and whole.  I'm me and proudly so.

Now it's your turn

Is it time to put down your armour?  To live life from a place of love - love for yourself and for others.

I’d love to hear how you go with putting down your armour.  Your life is what you make of it - choosing to live from love not fear can be a life changing experience.

Live your life as only you can! - Tracey x

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