Getting a different perspective when you're in the thick of things

Getting a different perspective when you're in the thick of things

- Tracey Hancock

I love to fly. Take offs are my favourite, but oh I love the landings and the bit in between too. So yup, it’s fair to say I love it all!

When I fly, without fail, I’m reminded to think about how I’m choosing to see things.

Up in the air, you see things from a completely different perspective. 

The houses, buildings and hills that seem so large when you’re standing on the ground become smaller when you look out the plane window. 

Life is full of ups and downs, highs and lows, easy times and challenges (and that’s never going to change, ever). And sometimes we can get so deep in whatever’s going on that we end up feeling stuck, unsure of which direction to move in, or of what the next step is.

But somehow, high up in the sky, when I start to think about any opportunities or challenges I’m facing I see things I hadn’t noticed before.

How about you...

Is there something you’re facing right now that you’d like to get a different perspective on?

Imagine yourself floating up from where you’re standing now. As you get higher and higher, the air changes, it feels cooler and more settled, there’s a calmness, and you feel safe. Now look around you – be an observer – and simply notice what you see.

Stay up there for as long as you need to and then gently come back down to earth with your feet firmly on the ground. With the insights you gained from your high-up view, how do you feel and what can you do right now to move forward?

You have the strength and courage to do what needs to be done.

Now, go and take that next step. You can do it.

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Tracey Hancock is a coach and mentor passionately committed to helping people live well. Drawing on her own life experience and the lessons she's learnt trying to be and do what she thought was expected of her, Tracey will gently guide you to reconnect with yourself, putting you and your health at the heart of everything you do in life and business. If you know it's time to be you and to live your REAL life, contact Tracey to learn more about the REALiving approach today.