Redecorating is more than just redecorating

Redecorating is more than just redecorating

- Tracey Hancock

Over the past few months I've been redecorating my home and office area.

It’s been needing to be done for a while but it hadn’t been high enough of a priority to actually get done.

But then it did. It became a priority. An important priority because I wanted a home that supported me well. 

And so it was time for planning. Then a time for action.

To go from there to here.

A seemingly simple journey of emptying rooms, stripping wallpaper, preparing walls and ceilings, and then painting.

But it was everything in between there and here, that forced me to look at the past, present and future more deeply than I've ever done before.

To peel back layers and look into the core of my being. Asking myself what it is that I want ... what is it that will make my heart sing and my soul smile?

In the busyness of life, it's so easy to be consumed by seemingly endless demands, mile long To Do list and any number of other things.

We don't get time to be with ourselves. To be with your own thoughts or to ask the questions that need to be asked so you can truly understand what you desire.

Imagine peeling away some of the layers that have built up over time and asking yourself about your dreams, your wants and needs. Imagine that. What would your deeply honest answer be?

The beauty of getting clear about what you desire, is that you can start to work towards it now. Everything you do and who you are becomes aligned with making your dreams real.

Getting honest about you and your dreams, your wants and needs, your desires is a worthwhile endeavour. After all, this is your one precious life.

When we're out of sorts, feeling like there's something missing, there's something more, our body knows. We experience dis-ease which can show up as aches and pains, tiredness, moodiness, a sense of unhappiness, or any number of other signs and symptoms.

Dis-ease is a white flag. It's letting you know that all isn't well and that now is the time for action. A time for decisions. And they don't need to be epic-sized ones, unless that's right for you. Small actions and decisions are perfect.

So, beautiful one, what is it that you truly desire?

Look deep within yourself.

Put aside what you think you should do or what's expected of you.

What is it that you truly desire now?

Live well - Tracey 

Tracey Hancock is a coach and mentor to people wanting to put their health at the heart of everything they do so they can achieve true success in life and business. Using the High Quality Health principles you can create a roadmap that’s specifically tailored for you to achieve your life and business dreams and goals.

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