It's okay to love yourself now (in fact it's more than okay!)

It's okay to love yourself now (in fact it's more than okay!)

- Tracey Hancock

Do you have days when you're hard on yourself? Maybe you don't feel good enough or that you deserve to be happy. Perhaps you think that nothing you do is right or up to the exceptionally high standards you set for yourself.

I have those days too and they can be tough.

I've noticed that there's usually something going on in my life that triggers the thoughts. It might be that I've not been getting good quality sleep or eating well. Maybe I've not been out in nature, whether it's simply standing on the grass in bare feet or out walking or on my bike. 

How about you - what have you noticed?

Step back or hover above and imagine yourself as an observer looking in on the situation. Your job is to simply notice what's going on and to do it with love and kindness towards yourself. 

Write what you notice in your journal or on a piece of paper. There will be something that's going on, maybe a series of things that have got you to the point where you're at now. 

It's when we feel least like we deserve our own love that we need it most.

Energy flows where your attention goes. So when you're stuck in a pattern of judging or criticising yourself you can end up in a downward spiral of thoughts and feelings that aren't helpful or healthy for you.

As well as writing down what you notice, give yourself permission to nurture yourself now. Sit in your favourite spot and have a cuppa, call a friend or head out into nature. Do what it is you need to do. Even if you just do something for a few moments, it all counts and it all makes a difference.

You deserve your own love and kindness always, now.

Know someone, someone you love and care for, who needs to hear this message too? Please share. 

Live well - Tracey x

Tracey Hancock is a coach and mentor to people who want to put themselves and their health at the heart of everything they do in life and business. If you want to live your REAL life well, contact Tracey to learn how the REALiving approach can help you.