Is there a difference between "making" and "taking" a photo?

And yes this does relate to your life!

I went to see a photographic exhibition at the Waikato Museum. I looked at a photo and read the description of it. Hmm, the first sentence seemed a bit strange - it talked about the photographer "making" the photo. 

At first, I thought it must have been a typo. After all, we "take" photos, don't we? So in my head, I switched "make" for "take". But when I got to the next few photos and the descriptions all included the word "make" it got me thinking.

What's the difference between "making" and "taking" a photo?

I took a seat in the exhibition room to think about the distinction. And here's what I came up with.

When we take a photo, we tend to simply point and click. While there might be some thought to what we're taking a photo of, there's probably a lot more clicking than thinking. 

Now, that's not a criticism directed at me, you or anyone! It's merely an observation. Especially these days with digital cameras, it's so easy to take a whole heap of photos quite quickly.

But when I think about making a photo it feels much more intentional. It's as if there's more thought to the composition, lighting and purpose of the photo. 

Neither taking nor making is better or worse. They're different and both have a place. Sometimes taking a photo on the spur of the moment can capture a special moment. And other times making a photo creates a stunning result.

And that got me thinking about life.

We either take life as it is. Accepting that what shows up, is just what life is. Whereas making a life is much more intentional, just like making a photo.

Intentional living, making a life, is where we opt for choices that align with who we are and our dream for how we want to be living.

And where does taking fit in? Well, when we're living intentionally, those seemingly random (although they're not really, a topic for another time!) things that pop up, are the spontaneous bits of life. It's when *something* so right seems to drop in your lap and you grab with both hands. 

Making or taking a photo - it's an interesting distinction and one I think is worth considering in the context of your life.

I'd love to hear from you. What came up for you when you thought about making or taking a photo? And are you approaching life from the perspective of making or taking? Email me here.

Go well,

- Tracey

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