Mountains are climbed one step at a time, which is just the way to achieve a goal

Mountains are climbed one step at a time, which is just the way to achieve a goal

- By Tracey Hancock

Have you ever been put off working towards a health, life or business goal because it seemed too huge? Maybe you thought you weren't good enough or the sort of person who could achieve that particular goal, or perhaps it was the fear that held you back.

You're not alone.

It's typical to experience a range of emotions in response to a goal. While at first the goal sounds exciting and do-able, the next stage is where we start to shrink back from it because of doubts, fears and worries.

We go from seeing and feeling what it would be like to achieve the goal and knowing it's what we want, to being struck with fear and unable to move forward.

But what if you dared to believe it's possible?

Take a look around you. Everything you see was created and made by someone who dared to dream it was possible.

Were they successful on the first attempt? Most likely not.

Did they create and make their invention in one burst of creativity? Again most likely not.

When you set a goal you will need to stretch and grow in someway to achieve it.

So the person you are when you set the goal, will not be the same person you are after the first few actions, halfway through and when the goal is achieved. And that's the thrill of working towards a goal. It's who you become, what you learn, and how you feel along the way.

As for whether you can achieve the goal or not, that's entirely up to you. If you believe you can, then you'll give your attention, energy and focus to it and that's going to vastly improve the likelihood of success.

If on the other hand you choose to believe you can't achieve the goal, then guess what's going to happen? Yep - you won't achieve it.

The beliefs you have about your ability to achieve the goal will determine whether or not you're successful.

When you set a goal you won't know every step, that's normal. And you won't know everything you need to know. As long as you know the first few steps that's enough to get you started. 

So just as you wouldn't go out and climb a mountain in a single step, goals require you to take small steps consistently, one foot after the other.

A strong commitment to your goal combined with making decisions and following them up with small steps will move you up the mountain and toward achieving your goal. 

Today take a small step towards the goal you want to achieve, repeat tomorrow and everyday until your goal is achieved.

Your journey starts now. Go well - Tracey 

Tracey Hancock is a coach and mentor to people wanting to put their health at the heart of everything they do so they can achieve true success in life and business. Using the High Quality Health principles you can create a roadmap that’s specifically tailored for you to achieve your life and business dreams and goals.

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