Free yourself to live well now

Free yourself to live well now

- Tracey Hancock

The concept of rules, and especially rules in our lives, is an interesting one to consider.

There are rules to keep order and to ensure people's safety. There are rules that we must comply with if we want to build a house, drive a car or take out a loan. And on it goes.

When you think about it, there are a lot of rules, aren't there?

While I believe we need some rules and that they do have a place, not all of them are relevant or even useful.

We develop our own set of rules based on what we think is expected of us.

Some of those rules don't even make us happy because they're based on doing what we think we should do, not about what we dream of doing.

What are your rules?

These will often be unwritten and strongly influence how you live. Take time now to write some of your rules down. 

* to be a good mum or dad you must ________________
* to be a good employee you must __________________
* to be a responsible adult you must _________________
* to be a good partner you must ____________________
* to be a good daughter / son you must ______________
* to be a good neighbour you must __________________
* to be a good ____________ you must ______________

Are your rules still helpful?

The rules we create for ourselves need to be reviewed and tidied up from time-to-time. Just like we let go of clothes that no longer fit us or that don't suit the way we live anymore, we can let go of rules too.

If you were to give yourself permission now to release a rule, which rule would it be? As always start small (unless something epic size is right for you). Then each day, focus on releasing another rule that no longer serves you well.

You have the power to choose to live your life as you, not as the YOU you think you're supposed to be, constrained by rules that have gone past the use by date.

Will you step forward and release the rules that are keeping you stuck so you can live well now?

Know someone, someone you love and care for, who needs to hear this message too? Please share. 

Live well - Tracey x

Tracey Hancock is a coach and mentor to people who want to put themselves and their health at the heart of everything they do in life and business. If you want to live your REAL life well, contact Tracey to learn how the REALiving approach can help you.

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