5 top tips to live a royal life

I happily confess to having been caught up in the excitement of William, Kate and wee Prince George visiting NZ recently.  While watching the TV coverage of their visit and looking at the many photos, I wondered what life must be like for them.  That got me thinking.  While we can't all be a royal, there are ways in which we can live a royal life.  Here are 5 top tips to do just that!

1.      Self-care… for a day or two after they’d arrived in NZ, the family spent time in a secret location.  Smart thinking!  Why?  Because it’s a long flight and a different time zone.  Regardless of the style in which you fly (I’m sure they didn’t fly economy class) you’re bound to be tired and it’s hard to be at your best.  By taking some time to look after yourself you can give so much more to others. 

2.      Let others help you… how often do you feel you’ve got to do everything on your own?  I doubt William and Kate woke up one day and decided to plan a trip to NZ and to take care of all the details themselves.  There will have been a team of people helping them out in so many different ways.  We’ve all got our own support network, people who are happy to help us out, offer advice or support, or whatever is required.  If only we let them.

3.      Be present… the royal couple will have met 100s if not 1000s of people on their NZ trip, and judging by the looks on people’s faces every one of those people felt special.  I didn’t see William and Kate looking at their watch, checking their mobile phone or racing around doing 50+ different things.  They were focused, present and seemed to genuinely connect with people.

4.      Do your homework… sometimes I’m under-prepared for an event or whatever I’m doing.  It’s usually because I’ve been racing around trying to do 50+ different things!  You can bet your bottom dollar William and Kate would have prepared before each event they attended.  It’s not about knowing everything, it’s about being prepared. 

5.      Have fun… there’ll be times when you need to focused and serious.  However, sometimes having fun is what’s required (and often!).  The royal couple went from a church service in the morning to jet boating in the afternoon.  A mix of duty and fun.  What have you done today that’s been fun and made you smile? 

Here's to living a royal life!