More, less and something new!

As you’ve been reflecting on 2015 you may have come across things you’d wished you’d done more of or maybe less of. Maybe there were some things you’d thought about doing but not got around to for one reason or another.

In this exercise you get to write a list of what you want to do more of, less of and to start doing. These details are going to be really useful in Module # 2 when we start to talk about your future.


Grab your pen and book. Work your way through the three headings below. There’s no right or wrong answer and it’s not about getting the perfect words or getting the grammar right. Allow your thoughts to flow.

I will do more of...

e.g. be kinder to myself, ‘me’ time every day

I will do less of...

e.g. worry less, criticise myself less

I will start doing...

e.g. prioritise my own self-care, a dance class

*** Download a printable PDF version of the information and action here ***

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Live your life as only you can. Your life, your way. - Tracey x