What would you see if you took a different view?

We can get tunnel vision.

Focusing intently on something - a problem or opportunity - or stuck in a rut, we can overlook the key to moving forward or something important.

For the past few weeks, I've been doing some prep work ahead of going onsite with a client. A small team have been working intently for the past 3 or so months to develop a plan for their organisation. I'd been asked to come in and help them see the plan from a different perspective - to help them step back, hover above and peer at their plan sideways and upside down to see what else there is to see.

I'd not read the plan but I did get to read the same background material as their executive team. I arrived onsite, bringing with me my knowledge and experience from both a strategic and business planning perspective, and coaching, and reviewed the plan with them.

Here's what I love about this powerful combination... 

They know their business well but also recognise that you can get so deep into it, that it's difficult to see things with fresh eyes.

It's the same for you in life and your business, if you have one.

What would you see?

I wonder what would you see if you looked from a different perspective. Step back or hover above and have a look - what do you see?

If I can be of help with this, let me know. Wherever you are in the world, as long as you have access to a computer, we can connect!

Tracey Hancock is a coach and mentor passionately committed to helping people achieve their dreams and goals. Drawing on her own experience and the lessons she's learnt trying to be and do what she thought was expected of her, Tracey will guide you to live and work your way.

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