How would your life or business change if you got really honest about what's important to you?

So often people think that life is what life is and there's nothing they can do about it. So they put up with things - situations, environments, behaviour or whatever it is - that drags them down and holds them back.

It is possible to live and work in the way that matters to you. 

And, when you do that, when how you live and work aligns with what's important to you, that's when you live your real life.

Over the years I've learnt a lot of lessons including trying to be and do what I thought was expected of me. I remember feeling frustrated because something was missing. Now don't get me wrong, I felt grateful, but I didn't feel fulfilled. 

A health scare in my mid-20s jolted me into looking at the way I was living and working with fresh eyes. That new perspective got me thinking about who I was and what living my real life meant to me.

Bit by bit and lesson by lesson I started to understand myself better than ever before. I reconnected with my dreams - dreams I'd buried deep for a very long time - and got real about how I wanted to live and work. 

The lesson that stood out for me the most was this ... 

The quality of my health and how fulfilled I felt depended on whether I was living my real life.

And it was there, at that point, that I committed to living and working in the way that mattered to me, and to help others do that too. 

Now it's your turn...

How would your life or business change if you got really honest about what's important to you?

Tracey Hancock is a coach and mentor passionately committed to helping people achieve their dreams and goals. Drawing on her own experience and the lessons she's learnt trying to be and do what she thought was expected of her, Tracey will guide you to live and work your way.

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