Planning for a holiday and planning your life have this in common

I've been thinking about holidays (yay!) and that got me thinking about where I want to go. Because you don't just pack your bag without some idea of where you're heading, do you?

Whether it's a road trip to several places or going to one specific place, you know something about your destination. And once you know that, you can decide how you'll get there, what to pack and get all those other things done that need to be sorted when you go on holiday.

But have you ever thought about where you want to head in life?

Because so often people don't know where they want to head. They're simply trying to survive the day while being pushed and pulled by demands, deadlines and never-ending To Do lists! And that can be downright frustrating and exhausting, right?

While it can seem like life is happening to you, it is possible to regain the driver's seat position!

Want to know how to do that?


Well, it's no secret BUT it's not something that's talked about often.

The key to regaining the all-important driver's seat of your life is to know where you're heading next.

Because when you know that, when you have a direction in mind, you'll know what to say yes and no too. You'll be able to consciously choose your next steps rather than feeling pushed and pulled by anything and everything that comes along!

This is your life to live now.

And you’re the best person to choose where you head next.

Now just to be clear, when I talk about "head next" it's not necessarily a geographic destination (although if you want to travel or move, then it might be). I'm talking about the vision you have for your life.

Take time now to decide where you want to head. Maybe it's somewhere you want to be at the end of the week, month or year, or in 5 years' time. Choose whatever time frame that feels right to you.

Because remember, when you know where you want to head, you can make decisions and choices that move you in that direction.

What's your next destination? Where are you heading towards? Let me know.

About Tracey, your personal coach

Hey there, I'm Tracey and I work with business owners, leaders and self-motivated people who want to achieve real success. Because life is to be lived well now - not spent trying to be and do what you think you *should* and feel constantly stressed!

As a once-upon-a-time chronic people pleaser, I know firsthand what it’s like to doubt yourself and your own dreams for life and business. I also know what it’s like to align your life with your own truth and it’s a game-changing (well, life-changing really!).

Using a good dose of ‘keeping-it-real’ soulfulness, I’ll guide you to reconnect with what matters to you, help you understand the power of your own mind and ensure you have a roadmap for success.

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