When you know, accept and approve of yourself, life changes

Can you answer this question with a resounding YES, or is it a quieter, less confident yes or perhaps a no, not at all.

Do you know, accept and approve of yourself?

Not just any 'self' - you're real self.

More often than not the answer I hear from people is a combination of… hmm maybe, I think so, probably not, definitely not. And what inevitably comes up is that people don’t feel they can accept and approve of themselves because they’re not sure who they are.

It’s time to get to know yourself (again)

It might seem like a silly question - after all, you’re you, right. But who exactly is that? Because over time, it’s likely you’ve changed who you are to fit in, to be liked or loved by others, or to keep the peace.

If you’ve been feeling out of sorts or know that something isn’t right, it’s likely you’ve been trying to be and do what you think is expected of you. The way to get back on track and feeling fulfilled is to check in with yourself and answer that all-important question. Who are you, really?

Let the real you step forward!

But it can be easier said than done! And trust me, having worked with 1000’s of people, you’re not alone with that. I’ve seen how much of a struggle it can for people to answer it (including me!). And the question can bring up a whole heap of emotions that you've pushed aside.

Does that mean you should bypass the question and keep living how you're living? Well, ultimately that's up to you. But I’ve also seen the benefits people gain from committing to themselves and answering it well. No one has ever said they’ve regretted doing it!

And you know what? You are the best person to answer that question and you can do it!

But where to start I hear you ask.

For a while now people have been asking for a programme to help them get to know themselves better. Because that's only been something I've delved into with people in private coaching sessions. BUT... in response to your requests, I've created a 4-module (4-week) programme that's all about YOU knowing yourself better.

Because I know it's important and I know what a difference it can make. And seriously, this has to be one of the most important topics there is for you to delve into!

Do you want to gain the CLARITY and CONFIDENCE you need to be your real self?

Because remember, it’s only when you’re clear about who you are that you’ll confidently make decisions and choices that are right for you. And that’s the path to living well now.

*** Who Are You, Really? online self-discovery programme ***

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About Tracey, your personal coach

Hey there, I'm Tracey, a once-upon-a-time chronic people pleaser who has kicked that habit to the curb! And thank goodness because the constant, at times overwhelming, pressure and stress was definitely not working well for me! These days I live well - I’ve aligned how I live with what matters to me. And it’s been life-changing!

If you’re ready to live well, I'm here to let you know it‘s possible to achieve success without sacrificing your quality of life or health. Using a good dose of ‘keeping-it-real’ soulfulness, I’ll guide you to reconnect with what matters to you, to understand the power of your own mind and to help you create a plan for success. Head here to find out more about how we can work together and if you have a question or want to find out more about coaching let me know here.