Do something for yourself because you want to

But it’s not always easy, is it?

We stick to commitments we make with other people, say yes! to helping others and feel compelled to show up when asked to. BUT. It can be hard to do it for ourselves.

Often people feel guilty that they're doing something for themselves. And on top of that, there can be people who tell us we're selfish or insensitive. Umm, no! That might be their opinion but it's not true!

You know you best. And you know what you want.

Whether it's 5-minutes to sit down and enjoy a cuppa, a walk in nature, a weekend away or whatever it is for you. It's okay to give yourself what you want. And there's no need to feel guilty or take on board other people's comments. Because after all, whose life are you living - theirs or yours? 

I know I've shared this before but it's one of the most powerful situations I've experienced and it makes the point well.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, there was not a single person who could do chemo for me. And if it was my time to die, then it was my time to die. And it was then that I realised just how much of my life I'd spent trying to do the *right* thing. Doing what needed to be done to keep the peace, to keep other people happy and to fit in.

It's okay to give yourself permission to do something for yourself simply because you want to.

Because I'm 100% confident that you're not the sort of person to ignore others or not lend a hand. I know you'd do that. By doing something for yourself, you're not going to stop caring about or wanting to help others. In fact, it's quite the opposite! By giving yourself what you need, you're fueling your resilience tank. You're nourishing your mind, body and soul so you can show up as the best version of yourself and helping others doesn't deplete you.

Show yourself the same kindness you extend to others. Give yourself what you know you need.

So, how about it? Will you? With a new month just around the corner, perhaps you could identify some things you want to do for yourself in May. If you've got the 2019 Live Well Planner, write them in there. Otherwise, grab a journal and note them down.

Hey there, I'm Tracey, a once-upon-a-time chronic people pleaser who has kicked that habit to the curb! And thank goodness for that because the constant, at times overwhelming, pressure and stress was definitely not working well for me! These days I live well - I’ve aligned how I live and work with what matters to me. And it’s been life-changing! If you’re ready to live well, I'm here to let you know it is possible to achieve success without sacrificing your quality of life or health.

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