What is your body trying to let you know?

When you're on the go and under pressure, your resilience tank gets depleted. Constantly dipping into your reserves can leave you tired, out of sorts, stressed and burnt out.

Listening to your body really important! Because it really is talking to you. 

Your body is super smart. There are so many things going on inside you that keep things running smoothly and we don't have to do anything! On your behalf, your body is working hard to maintain a state of balance.

But the way we live takes a toll. Everything from what we're eating, drinking, the environment we live and work in, sleep, relationships, our thoughts, exercise and so much more, affects our body and its ability to function effectively. 

Signs and symptoms are your body's way of letting you know something is wrong.

It's an early warning system, a gentle nudge to get your attention, to make changes and take action. But with the increasing busyness of life and the pressure we put on ourselves to just keep going, we often ignore these signs and symptoms. Instead, we push on for another day, week, month or year. We convince ourselves (sort of) that all will be well – that things will work out eventually. 

 Unfortunately, that's often not the case. 

Not stopping to rest and listen to your body will perhaps mean at some stage you'll need to find time to stop and deal with illness. 

The signs and symptoms are trying to let you know something. Listening and responding by taking action will help you achieve and maintain the level of quality health you need. 

What is your body letting you know? And what will you do about it?   

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