What are you asking for in life?

While sitting in a cafe the other day I noticed how specific people are when they order a drink. Oh my, there are so many different ways to have coffee! And if tea is your thing, there's a range of those too.

What drink do you order when you go to a cafe?

I bet you don't say either of these statements when you order...

"I don't want tea"

"I don't want coffee"

You'd say (in my case) "I'd like a peppermint tea thanks" or if you're a coffee drinker, you'd ask for the style of coffee you prefer - a flat white, a cappuccino with cinnamon or chocolate, an Americano or whatever. Because if you don't say what you want, how are the cafe staff going to know what you want?

You need to let the staff know what you want to get what you want. 

It makes sense right? So, why do we spend so much time in life focusing on what we don't want, don't have or think we can't get? 

We say things like ...

"I don't want to feel so unhappy all the time."

"Don't run inside"

"I'll never be any good at running a business"

Notice how all three of those sentences focus on what you don't want or don't think can ever happen. Even writing the sentences made me feel heavy and weighed down! They're not motivating or inspiring. And most importantly, they don't say what you want.

Imagine saying these sentences instead...

"I want to feel more positive and happier"

"Please walk when you're inside"

"I'm learning and getting better at running a business"

Those sentences made me feel a whole lot lighter and gave me a glimpse of hope, of possibility. Did you notice that too?

How about practicing saying what you want in life as specifically and confidently as you order your drink at a cafe. Imagine what could change if you were clear about your 'order' for life?!?

Go well,


Hey there, I'm Tracey, a once-upon-a-time chronic people pleaser who has kicked that habit to the curb! And thank goodness for that because the constant, at times overwhelming, pressure and stress was definitely not working well for me! These days I live well. I’ve aligned how I live and work with what matters to me. And it’s been life-changing! If you’re ready to live well, I'm here to let you know it is possible to achieve success without sacrificing your quality of life or health.

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