What red socks have in common with leadership and you

If you’re a New Zealander or a sailing fan you’ll know Sir Peter Blake led Team NZ to an America's Cup win.  He's also known for his red socks.  20 years on from that famous win, the socks are still a topic of conversation (and of course a fashion staple for many, including me!).

Sir Peter's wife, Pippa, would buy him a new pair of socks for each America's Cup campaign. For the 1995 campaign, which Team NZ won, the socks were red.  Sailing was incredibly important to Sir Peter and the win was no doubt a highlight for him.  But it was more than that.  He had big dreams and an indomitable spirit to follow through.  The win was just one of his big dreams coming true.  I so admire and feel inspired by his dream big approach.  Now that's #REALiving at it's finest!

The Sir Peter Blake Trust, set up in his memory, identifies and celebrates the next generation of New Zealand leaders, adventurers and environmental stewards.  Each year the Trust runs a leadership week celebrating leaders and promoting leadership across the country.  The week culminates in Red Socks day (Friday, 3 July 2015).

Be a leader in your own life

While the world needs strong, visible leaders, we all have a role to play.  I'm a BIG believer in people  being the leader in their own life.  There is no one better equipped or qualified to be in the driver's seat and to chart the course of your life than yourself.

It saddens when I hear people blaming others for what's happening in their own lives.

... if only my boss would recognise how good I am, if only my partner would notice me more, if only the bank would give me the money I need, if only people realised how mean they are to me ...

It makes me sad because in blaming others we lose our own power.  As our sense of personal power spirals downwards we lose confidence, settle for what is rather than what could be, and we miss the opportunity to become the person we were born to be.

Be responsible and accountable

Being a leader means being responsible and accountable for what's happening in your own life, regardless of what it is.  And before you start, it's not about blaming yourself.  Oh no.  It's about understanding where you are and where you want to be, without judgement or criticism.  With that clarity it's possible to chart a course forward and helps you become the person you were meant to be.

If you're thinking it sounds too hard, that life is what life is, or that you've tried before and it's not worked.  It is possible.  

  • Is it easy?  No.  
  • Can someone else do it for you?  No.
  • Is there a magic pill that you can take?  No.
  • Is it worth it?  Only you can decide that but in my experience - Yes.

So this Red Socks day, whether you put on a pair or not, make a choice.  Will you be the leader of you and your life?  Will you dare to dream big, step into and own the driver's seat of your life and live a life you love? 

And if you choose not too, who is in that driver's seat spot?

Live your life as only you can! - Tracey x


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