If health is wealth, how wealthy are you?

As part of planning what you wanted to do in 2015 did you include all the health check ups you need (and deserve)?  

For those in NZ, we take our cars for a warrant of fitness every 6-12 months. So, why not do it for ourselves?

Below are my top 5 health checks.  Now these might not be your top 5.  The important thing is to get clear about what’s important to you and make sure you've got appointments booked. You deserve good health - health is wealth!

* An annual visit to my doctor for a general all over check including blood tests to see how things are tracking. Plus I go throughout the year for all those gender specific tests!

* Regular sessions with a naturopath to discuss general as well as any specific health and wellbeing matters, nutrition, supplements (if I need them), and so much more!  I'm no expert on health matters, but I sure have found these sessions empowering and I've learnt a lot about my body and how it functions.

* A trip (or two!) across to Rotorua for reflexology.  These sessions are a great way to fine tune my body and identify areas to focus on.  These sessions are oh-so relaxing, I usually end up asleep!

* An annual appointment with my dentist to keep those pearly whites in tip top condition.  Good mouth health is important for overall health.  Besides which I love to smile :-)

* To keep my tootsies looking and feeling fabulous all year round I have 3-monthly appointments with a podiatrist.  Whether my toes are on show in strappy sandals or tucked up in slippers I know they're well looked after.  We're on our feet alot, they deserve some love!

There are other things I do … regular massages, eye and ear checks, mole mapping / skin checks, and pampering at the beauty therapist (good for emotional health!) and whatever else is relevant at the time.

You deserve tip top health. Write down the health checks you want between now and the end of the year.  Then take action and book those appointments, now!