Why 'being' is the new black

I know, sigh groan, it's so cliche to say something is the new black, but when it's true, well it's true. We're living in a world where the pace of life seems to be speeding up (seriously, can it go any faster!), the number of distractions and demands is growing exponentially, and fun and laughter seems to be taking a back seat. Arrgh, something needs to change, now.

Let me put it out there right now - I'm a huge fan of setting goals and taking action. But that must be balanced with just being.

Allow yourself the time and space, the freedom and the permission to just be. To stop and smell the roses. To go for a walk in nature and notice the beautiful trees and birds. To turn off your computer (and e-gadgets) and disconnect from work. To enjoy the experience of being somewhere with someone you care about without taking 101 photos and posting them on social media right there and then, and then responding to comments.

Mindfulness is an everyday kind of thing

While I was unwell and going through treatment in 2015, my daily mindfulness practices became even more important to me. Meditation, breathing, listening to beautiful music, a walk in the park, conversations with friends, positive affirmations and prayer. In that moment, when I was just being, the peace and calm was like a warm blanket that I could snuggle into. It gave me strength, a place of refuge and I felt so much love. Mindfulness isn't just something to be saved for when you're unwell or facing some sort of challenge in your life, it's an everyday kind of thing.

Try on the new black and do more 'being'

You're a beautiful human being (notice it says 'being' not human doing). How can you bring more mindfulness and a greater focus on just being, into your life? 

Make 2016 your best year yet, not by sprinting through the year so that it flies by in a blur, but by being mindful and present. 

As always it's not about making big changes or taking giant leaps. It's what you do consistently, everyday, that makes the difference. Start small and start now. You will thank yourself for it. So, what will you change today so that you can just be?

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