Creating a life you love one habit at a time

Despite really wanting to do something or achieve a goal are there habits holding you back or completely stopping you in your tracks?

You do - me too. We create our own habits so that means if you've got an unhelpful one it can be changed. It won't happen overnight but it will happen!

Identify one unhelpful habit. You know, it’s the one you often wish you could change. Wish no more… let’s dissolve it.

Now notice I said “dissolve” not “break”. What happens when you break something? There are lots of pieces. We don’t want pieces left lying around, we want it gone.

The best way to dissolve a habit is to form a new, more helpful one. Identify a habit you'd like to form. Take action every day for at least 30 days. Remember to acknowledge yourself, in a kind and gentle way, for the change you're making.

Be sure to live as only you can in a way that makes you happy.