Stop “waiting, wanting and wishing” and create a life you love, now!

“Waiting, wanting and wishing” are three words we could all do without having in our vocabulary, especially when we’re talking about our life!  They keep us locked in our comfort zones, never daring to step outside the invisible walls we put up. 

Today, be open to possibility, to believing in you and to having faith.  Go beyond the bounds of waiting, wanting and wishing, and know that living a life you love is within your reach. 
Have you ever noticed how many times you think or say something like…

  • “I’m waiting for xyz to happen before I do abc” ... e.g. I’m waiting for the children to leave home before I take up painting again.
  • “I’m wanting to xyz but it’s just not happening” ... e.g. I’m wanting to be happier but that won’t be until I’ve got through Christmas and the start of a new year.
  • “I wish I had a better xyz” ... e.g. I wish I had a better job, relationship, car, life etc…

We wait, want and wish all the time.  As if some elusive day in the future everything will be just right and exactly as we want it to be.  Someday we’ll be happy and have everything we ever wanted and wished for. 

All the waiting, wanting and wishing in the world is not going to get you the results you dream of.  You are a gorgeous human being, full of YOU-ness, and you deserve to live a life you love. 

So why do we wait, want and wish?  Over the years I’ve heard people say many things in response to this question, but what it all came down to was just one thing … fear. 
Fear about something not working out or of being judged by others.  Fear of people thinking you’re crazy, silly or fanciful for following your dreams.  Fear about whether you’re good enough to do whatever it is you want to do.
As we get older our decisions become based on fear more than faith.  Think about everything a child does as they grow – they learn to walk, ride a bike, start school and the list goes on and on.  They are constantly doing new things and it takes practice for them to become competent and comfortable but they keep going.
Imagine a child standing looking at their bike and thinking “I wish I could ride but I’m scared”.  There’s two ways this could go.  One, they don’t ever try because they’re so fearful of others laughing at them if they fall off.  So, they keep looking at the bike waiting to feel brave enough to try and never get on it.  Or two, they get on the bike and each time they fall off they try again.  The more they ride their bike, the more competent they become and the braver they feel. 
It’s no different when we’re an adult, we have a choice to make ... keep waiting, wanting and wishing, or be brave.  If you’re thinking “oh but I’m not brave, so and so is, but I’m not”.  Courage doesn’t just show up and it’s not about being born under a lucky “courage” star.  It comes about because you take action.  It’s like a muscle that needs to be exercised regularly. 

So, instead of waiting, wanting and wishing, be brave –

Grab a pen and your journal (or a piece of paper) and write down what living your life means to you.  What would you do if you weren’t fearful?  What makes your heart sing?  What are you passionate about?
Okay, so now you’ve done that there’s another step for you to do… what action will you take, big or small, right now to move in the direction of your ideal life or day?  
For those who’ve done the ‘2015 your best year yet’ online programme, re-look at how to set compelling goals plus the information from week 4, the GOLD-class success tips.
Waiting, wanting and wishing will keep you safe and right where you are, it won’t help you live a life you love.  Someday is today.  Commit to yourself and take action, big or small, that propels you beyond your comfort zone and into the future of your dreams. 

Be sure to live as only you can in a way that makes you happy.

- Tracey x