Why it's best to deal with those small annoyances

Do you remember a time when you were out walking and there was a stone in your shoe? It was probably uncomfortable, maybe even downright painful and caused an injury!

A stone in your shoe is annoying

Have you got a time in mind when that happened to you?

Now there are (at least) two options of what you could choose to do in the situation.

  • One, keep going and ignore the stone, the discomfort and the pain. Just keep pushing ahead.

  • Or two, stop, take off your shoe and get the stone out. Carry on walking, comfortably.

I reckon option two sounds like the best choice. But I know I've tried to keep walking with a stone in my shoe. How about you?

Now if you think about your life, is there a stone? Okay, so not literally a stone! But is there something that isn't "right"? Something that's causing you discomfort or pain. 

Because if there is and you've been ignoring it, which maybe you've been doing for a while now, it won't actually get better. 

Are you ready to deal with it?

Yes. Then the first step is to decide you no longer want to put up with it. That you want to create change for the better. And now seems like a good time to do that, doesn't it?

I'd love to hear from you. Let me know what "stone" you know it's time to deal with. Email me here.

Go well,

- Tracey

Hey there, I'm Tracey, a once-upon-a-time chronic people pleaser who has kicked that habit to the curb! And thank goodness for that because the constant, at times overwhelming, pressure and stress was definitely not working well for me! These days I live well. I’ve aligned how I live and work with what matters to me. And it’s been life-changing! If you’re ready to live well, I'm here to let you know it is possible to achieve success without sacrificing your quality of life or health.

Using a good dose of soulfulness, teaching you about the power of your mind and taking a practical-action taking focus, we'll shine a light on you and get you living well. Head here to find out more about how we can work together and if you have a question or want to find out more about coaching let me know here.