Why putting on your own oxygen mask first is important for you (and others)


In case of emergency flight attendants always say to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping someone else.

It makes sense really, doesn't it.

If you don't put on your mask you may not be able to help someone else or you might help them but put yourself in danger.

Putting on our own oxygen mask is also relevant in everyday life.

If you're not taking care of your own health you'll not be the best version of YOU and be able to do what you do best, or be able to support and assist others.

While putting yourself first might go against so many of the things you heard growing up, especially for women, is it time for a re-think?

What if by putting yourself first you were the best YOU possible?

What if by putting yourself first you were able to support others better?

Commit to putting your own oxygen mask on first from now on.

To get you started here are some ways you can do that...

  • Sit down to eat your meals
  • Go to bed at the same time each night so you get enough sleep
  • Set aside time each day (or regularly) to move - walk, run, play sports, do yoga, dance or whatever you enjoy
  • Make time to go out with friends
  • Set boundaries about what you will (and won't) allow in your life, e.g. no work after 5.30pm on weekdays
  • Learn to say "no"

I'm sure there's more you can add to the list. 

Do more of what makes your heart sing and your soul smile. It will be fantastic your health and that's definitely good for you and the people you care about. 

Tracey Hancock, creator of the High Quality Health Method – a methodology designed to help you develop and implement a plan that’s specifically tailored for you to achieve the level of health you desire for life.