Not being, doing or getting what you want to be, do and get in life? It’s likely you’re not doing this.

In the lead up to Valentine's Day I thought a lot about love. Maybe you did too. 

There's the love we have for our partner, family and friends, pets, and what or whoever else is important to us. But we often overlook the person we most need to love. Ourselves. 

While Valetine's Day shines the light on love, the focus is more often than not on you showing others how much you love them.

But what about you? You deserve your love.

Did you just cringe in response to that or did you shout out a great big "hell yeah!"?

There are no tests to pass or qualifications required for self-love. There’s no secret set of circumstances that need to be in place, and self-love isn’t reserved for some time in the future when you’ve “got it all together”.

Self-love is unconditional. It’s acknowledging and celebrating who you are here and now. 

You were born full of love. But as the years go by fears, doubts and worries, along with a tendency to judge ourselves lead us to build walls around our hearts.

Where we once felt love for ourselves, there’s now judgement and criticism. It might not be obvious or perhaps it is. Think about the negative chatter in your mind, and how that spills out into what you say to yourself and your actions.

Where is the love?

That’s a line in a song (I can’t recall more than the line or who sang it) - “where is the love?”

The good news is love hasn’t left you. It’s not abandoned you or decided that someone else deserved it more. It’s there, waiting. Waiting for you to notice and embrace it.

The not so good news is that continuing to deny yourself of self-love will take a toll on your health. Why? When love is present we are kind and caring towards ourselves. It shines through in the thoughts we have, what we say to ourselves and how we act. It shows up in the choices we make about the foods we eat and how we move, in what we say "yes" to and what we say "no" to.

Self-love is the key to being, doing and having what you want to be, do and have. 

When we think, speak and act from a place of self-love we will be our authentic selves. The masks and filters that we see the world and ourselves through will fall away. Our decisions will be aligned with who we are and our heart’s desire.

So while Valentine’s Day has been and gone for another year, you don't need to put love to one side.

Imagine shining the light on self-love every day. How could your life be different by doing that?

Take the time now to think about what self-love means to you. How do you express love for yourself? What changes do you commit to making to bring even more love into your life? Whether it’s a small change or something on an epic scale, do what’s right for you. There’s no rule book. It’s not about what others think, say or do. It’s about you.

To be, do and have what you want to be, do and have, live in a place of self-love.

Love yourself. Always and unconditionally, now. - Tracey x