5 simple steps to help you complete that job you’ve been putting off

Ever find yourself struggling to complete a task or project, or clearing clutter? I do.

Despite knowing that I really want to do it I just keep putting it off. I usually have a good story to explain why …

  • I’m too busy
  • It’s too big a job and I need others to help
  • I can’t do it because it’s too wet, too hot, I don’t feel ready …
  • I’ll get to it someday, there’s always tomorrow

But all the while I notice the job. I’m either seeing it (a pile of clutter that needs sorting out) or I’m thinking about it (I want to paint laundry). It’s tapping into my and claiming my attention, energy and focus, and the really frustrating thing about that is I’m not actually making any progress towards completing the job!

So how can we complete jobs simply?

I know I said “simply” but let me be clear about what I mean. I’m not saying the job is simple to do, in fact it might be complex or large. But there are 5 simple steps that will help you complete any job, regardless of size.

Step # 1 – Plan

Get specific about what you want to get done

The key to successfully completing something, and the all important first step, is to plan.

Now if you’re rolling your eyes or groaning something like “but planning is sooooo boring”, stick with it and let the results speak for themselves!

Success is in the preparation.

Here’s a planning worksheet to help you get super clear about the job you want to do. Whether it’s finishing a task or project, or clearing clutter, the worksheet can be used for anything.

Now I know you might be keen to just dive in and get started on the ‘doing’ but get that planning done first.

Step # 2 – Prepare

Get what you need to successfully complete the job

During the planning step you identified what you need to complete the job. This could include other people, resources, tools etc.

Talk to the people you need help from and make sure they know when you’ll need them. Gather up the resources, tools etc. that you need and have them on hand.

There’s nothing worse than starting a job and having to keep stopping because you don’t have what you need. Something that might have taken an hour can end up taking 4. Imagine all the frustration!

Step # 3 – Action

Do the work required to complete the job

Yes it’s time to take action. Go on, you know you want to get started. And having done the planning and preparation, you should be all set to go.

Now you may find that things go better than you expected. Or maybe you come across hurdles or obstacles. Step back and think about how you’ll proceed. What will you need to do differently? Will you need to get someone else to help, or some other tools and resources?

I often find when I’m completing a job that there’s more mess than when I started! Oh-no. Never fear, it’s all part of the process.

Ever heard the saying that you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs first? It’s the same with what you’re doing. It can get a little messy before you see the end result.  Stick with it! 

Step # 4 – Celebrate

Acknowledge and celebrate yourself and others

Congratulations, you’ve completed the job. Be sure to acknowledge and celebrate yourself and the people who helped you! However big or small the job was you did it. Nice work!

Step # 5 – Review

Take time to review how the job went

Okay so you’re probably either busting to do another job or ready for a rest! Either way, take time to review the job you’ve just done. Notice what worked well and what you’d do differently next time. Each time you do a job you’ll learn and grow.

What's next?

If you’re ready to tackle another job, follow the 5 simple steps to get the job done easily.

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