Use your IMAGINATION for good!

Recently I had to do something I wasn't keen to do. It was one of those situations where if there was a choice I would've definitely said "thanks, but no thanks". As there wasn't a choice, it had to be done.

Now I don't know about you, but my imagination is SUPER creative and very active. I can create a worst possible scenario in my head and over time have that beast grow to massive proportions.

But WE (that's you and I) can control our minds. So knowing I can choose my thoughts I wrote a list of all the things I might think. You know, all those worst case scenario thoughts that sneak into your mind, setup camp and settle in for an epic sized party!

You control your mind.

Those thoughts you have, you choose them.

Once I'd written them all down, I went through the list again. This time beside each one I wrote a positive thought or outcome. I read through this list several times, really focusing on the positive thoughts and outcomes until they became the picture in my head.

That night I slept well. If I'd not written the list and given my energy and attention to the positive thoughts and outcomes, I'd have been up all night, worrying and fretting.

I've used this technique 100s of times. It works. It does take practice, but it's well worth the effort.

So if there's something you need to do or maybe there's something you want to do - like make a decision, create a change or try something new - use this list technique.

Remember the steps:

1. Write down your worries, the negative thoughts and the worst case scenario stuff that's racing round in your mind.

2. Read over your list again and then write down, for each of the worries etc., a positive thought or outcome.

3. Read over your list again, giving particular energy and attention to the positive thoughts and outcomes.

Now, go forth and do what needs doing, make that change or do whatever it is you've been bursting to try!

Live a life you love x

P.S The thing I had to do... it went fine.