Shrink overwhelm down to size, now!

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed?

Life sure can throw some curve balls and knock us off our feet!

But just as you wouldn't wake up one morning and head off to climb Mt Everest that very day, we cannot expect to solve problems or respond to challenges in a single step.

It's small steps that get us where we need to be.

So when you're feeling overwhelmed, PAUSE and BREATHE. Sit down and have a cuppa, have a good cry, go for a walk, or whatever you need to do.

You're a beautiful human being and it's okay to feel wobbly, to need and want support, and to be vulnerable.

We're not robots, super heroes or Roman fortresses. We're people - we feel pain, we laugh, love and cry. 

When we're overwhelmed there's usually a 1001 thoughts racing through our minds. They'll get increasingly negative and BIGGER. It might feel like the last thing you want to do but grab a pen and a piece of paper.

Get set to shrink overwhelm down to size!

  • In the centre of the paper write down what the issue is. Say it's a health issue, you or a family member has been diagnosed with something nasty.
  • Then around that write down your concerns or whatever you're thinking about the issue. Get it all down - don't censor or judge your thoughts. Write them all down.
  • Now take a look at everything on that piece of paper. Do you notice any themes or does something in particular stand out? If you solve something would that resolve or respond to a number of your other thoughts?
  • What is your first step? Who can help you? What do you need to take it? In the case of the health issue, maybe you want more information - contact a local support group, look on line, talk to a medical professional etc.
  • Take that step, then another and another.

Remember it's not about solving the problem or responding to the challenge in one single step. It's about taking a small step.

I trust this strategy is helpful for you in shrinking overwhelm down to size, now!

Live your life as only you can! - Tracey x

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