Before turning your attention to 2017 you'll want to do this first

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Before turning your attention to 2017 you'll want to do this first

- Tracey Hancock

It's about now that many people launch themselves into a new year with long lists of goals or promises of "this will be the year that I [insert whatever it is you'll do here]". But for 99% of people that's where it ends.

Those bold statements, while wholeheartedly meant at the time, become a distant memory as the hustle and bustle of life takes over. 

Don't let that be you.

You, beautiful one, deserve a life full of health, happiness and love.

Wrap-up, close-off and acknowledge 2016

Before you start planning for the year ahead, take time now to wrap-up, close-off and acknowledge the year that's been. It's an opportunity to take stock of where you're at and the life you're living.

Too often this all-important part of preparing for a new year gets overlooked because, well, it's just so excitingly new and shiny, and oh-so appealing.

But when things are left lingering, open and unfinished, they get in your way and hold you back from moving forward. It might be something you started but didn't finish, an argument with a friend and you've not spoken since, or perhaps there's 'stuff' cluttering up your space physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

In the past when you've moved on - from high school to whatever was next for you, from one job to another, from one home to another - there's a moment in time, perhaps an event like graduation, a farewell party or a house warming, where the transition is marked. It's a time when you acknowledge what's been and then look to the future.

The same applies at the delicious point where one year ends and a new one, so full of promise and potential, begins.

So before starting the new year take time now to acknowledge the year that's been and in doing so gain a sense of peace with where things are at now.

Use these questions to review and reflect on 2016...

    * What were your achievements and successes?
    * What did you learn from those times when things didn't go so well?
    * What were your highlights - the things that stand out as being particularly important or special?
    * What is unfinished, unsaid or undone that you feel you must resolve and what will you let go of?
    * What key messages or learnings from this year will you take into 2017?

A gentle, heartfelt reminder from me to you...

Reviewing and reflecting on the year that's been is a beautiful opportunity to wrap-up the year, to acknowledge all that's happened (and not happened), to hold yourself in awe knowing how much you've done, given and grown, and to give yourself permission to move peacefully into 2017. 

It is not a time for self-judgment, criticism or harshness. And it is not a time for beating yourself up for what you've not done or that you've not done well enough. So promise me now, and more importantly make this promise to yourself ... as you review and reflect on 2016 you will do it with love and kindness.

Now find yourself a comfy spot to sit, a place where you won't be disturbed for an hour, settle in with a cuppa, your journal and pen, and give yourself permission to lovingly review and reflect on the year.

Marking the transition point

You might already do this but if not, consider creating a ritual to acknowledge yourself and the year that's been, and to welcome in the new year. Now I don't necessarily mean staying up until midnight or partying on into the morning.

It might be as simple (and as beautiful as) lighting a candle and saying a prayer or some words that express how you feel about the year. It might be writing yourself a letter, sitting under the stars, going for a walk in nature or writing down what you want to release - any disappointments, regrets, feelings or thoughts - and burning them. 

Do whatever feels right for you.

Then, re-set for the new year

It's only once we've acknowledged the year that's been and released it that we are truly, deeply able to move into 2017. You cannot change what happened yesterday (or in this case in 2016), however you can review and reflect on it, and use whatever you notice to shape now and going forward.

You have one precious life, choose to live it well, live it with intention and live it in a way that fills you with joy.

Tracey Hancock is a coach and mentor to people wanting to put their health at the heart of everything they do so they can achieve true success in life and business. Using the High Quality Health principles you can create a roadmap that’s specifically tailored for you to achieve your life and business dreams and goals.

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