3 life lessons from a easy-read, fun novel

I helped my parents pack to move house. I love to read and was well pleased that one of my jobs was to sort through some rather large piles of books (a few of which mysteriously hopped into my car, I don't know how that happened but it did!).

Anyhoo I read one of the books when I got home, "A night in with Audrey Hepburn" by Lucy Holliday. I expected it to be a light, easy and fun read, it was. But it also delivered a bit of a surprise.

Life lessons

The surprise wasn't so much in terms of the storyline but more in the lessons that jumped out. This light, easy and fun read delivered 3 powerful lessons ...

Your life or someone else's?

First up, the lead character Libby is an 'extra' in tv programs and movies. She didn't choose her career, it's what her mother wanted. Was Libby happy, not at all. Was it going well, not at all.

In what areas of your life are you being heavily influenced by others to the point you're living their life not yours or in some way denying your own dreams?

Your unique talents and skills

The next lesson was about overlooking the talents and skills we have. Seemingly not seeing the obvious and perhaps even thinking we don't have any.

What talents and skills do you have that you're not recognising at all or downplaying them?

Channelling your inner goddess

The third lesson I got came from Libby's relationship with others. She often reacted to what others said or did by getting angry, annoyed or upset that what they were saying or doing was about her. But she learnt, through chanelling her inner Audrey Hepburn, to remain poised and calm, and to realise they were just being themselves.

Are you able to channel your own source of inner poise and calm that allows you to respond rather than react to what others say and do?

Wow did I get more than I expected from an easy-read, fun novel! It's amazing where inspiration and food for thought can come from ... anywhere really.

Live your life as only you can. Your life, your way. - Tracey x

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