What is being stressed costing you?

Increasingly I'm working with people who are feeling really stressed. Little things that ordinarily wouldn't trigger them are causing irritation, overwhelm and in some cases, angry outbursts. And it's not that they mean to be out of sorts or snap, it's just everything seems to have piled up on top of them.

I get what that's like. That was me once upon a time. I was so stressed - so tired, frustrated and unhappy - that I wasn't always my best self.

Stress left unchecked takes a huge toll

And it can sneak up on you too! One minute you feel fine and the next, your stress levels are out of control!

Now just to be clear, it's not that we should strive to have NO stress because, to be honest, some stress is useful. Instead, the focus needs to be on addressing what's causing the long-running constant stress because it's not healthy or helpful. 

But in the hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to push the issues to one side. Wouldn't it be great if somehow the stress just got up and toddled off! So great, right? Hmm, unfortunately, it doesn't work like that.

There's so much we could cover about stress but for now, let's focus on what stress is costing you. Because knowing the cost might be just the motivation you need to take action.

Usually, the word "cost" is associated with money. And yep, there's likely to be a financial cost. When I was at my worst, most highly stressed point, I spent a fortune on facials and massages. Why? Because for the hour I was at the appointment, no one could reach me. I turned off my phone and simply lay on a table. I didn't need to do anything or be anywhere. It cost me a stack of money! Don't get me wrong I love a nice facial and massage but it was like an addiction that was out of control.

Okay, so as well as the financial cost, stress can affect these too:

  • relationships (intimate, family and friends)
  • the quality of your health
  • the quality of your work
  • relationships with the people you work with
  • your ability to positively impact or influence people and causes you care about
  • your reputation
  • the success of your business 
  • your sense of enjoyment and fulfilment with life and work
  • And so on.

The cost of being constantly stressed isn't something people stop to consider, especially when they're stressed! You're often in survival mode and simply trying to get through each day.

Knowing the cost of your stress is really useful because it can help you understand WHY it's so important that you do something about it. Your WHY can motivate you to do something about what's causing the stress now rather than let it go on any longer.

Ready to put stress back in the box it belongs? 

Decide now that you no longer what to be as stressed as you are. Declare it. And then commit to ONE small action you can take immediately. And then another and another. Each day, simply focus on what you can do that will make a difference.

Let me know how you get on with this, I'd love to hear from you.

Tracey Hancock is a coach + mentor passionately committed to helping people live well. Drawing on her own experience and the lessons she's learnt trying to be and do what she thought was expected of her, Tracey will guide you to live consciously, to live your way.

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