30-day "Your health. Your life." challenge to kick start your health journey

30-day "Your health. Your life." challenge to kick start your health journey

- Tracey Hancock

In the hustle and bustle of life it's easy to put you and your health last. It's certainly not intentional, it just happens. The demands, deadlines and disruptions that you face, in an increasingly busy world, jostle for your attention and that leaves little or no time for you.

But, is putting you and your health last serving you well?

If you were to be completely honest, I imagine you'd most likely say no.

You might already be noticing white flags, signs and symptoms, that are letting you know all is not well. Or perhaps you've already hit a significant health crisis (and if you have, my thoughts and prayers are with you).

The 30-day "Your health. Your life." challenge is designed to help you put you and your health first.

For each day of the challenge there is an activity. While some people choose to do each activity on the day it's listed in the challenge, others mix it up to suit themselves, what they need and / or their lifestyle.

Each activity has been specifically chosen to support one (or more) of the 4 elements of your health...

  • emotional health
  • mental health / mindset
  • physical health
  • spiritual health

As you could imagine then, there is wide a range of activities. Everything from meditation, exercising, looking at what you're eating, being creative, singing and dancing, and so much more.

If you know your health needs attention, then this challenge might be just what you need to create the changes you want.

Remember that your health directly influences the quality of your life and the success you're able to achieve in business. That would make your health well worth your attention, energy and focus, wouldn't it.

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Go well! - Tracey

Tracey Hancock is the founder of REALiving Coaching and the creator of the High Quality Health Method - a methodology designed to help you develop and implement a plan that’s specifically tailored for you to achieve the level of health you desire for life.

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