Lesson 3: Define your values

Knowing your values is a key first step but we need to go one step further and define them. Because it’s only when you really know them, when you define what those values mean for you, that you can use them in your life and business.

Print off this worksheet and get set to define your values.

What your values mean…

For each value, ask yourself these 3 questions and write down your thoughts: 

  1. What does the value mean to me? e.g. what does flexibility mean to me?

  2. How will I know when I have the value? Think about what you will see, hear and feel that lets you know you have or are experiencing that value.

  3. Why is the value important to me?

Next step

The fourth and final lesson in this values workshop is to understand what living in strong alignment with your values looks like to.

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