Live your values

Now you know your values and understand how important they are in your life, it’s time to turn your attention to who you’re showing up as now and how you’re living life.

There are three parts to this exercise.

Part 1.

Review your life now. Using a scale of 1-10 where 1 is you’re not at all living in alignment with your values, to 10 being you’re fully aligned to living your values consistently. Print off the "Live Your Values" worksheet. 

Part 2.

Reflect on the number you selected for each of your values and identify what’s missing to give yourself 10 out of 10.

Part 3.

Identify the decisions and actions you need to take to start moving towards living in full alignment with your values, consistently. 

Now when you’re considering the decisions and actions you need to take, small is good. Of course, if an epic-sized decision or action is right for you, do it. But for most people it will be about small changes. Small steps are sustainable, manageable and most importantly they will help you move into strongly alignment with your values.

It's not enough to just identify the decisions and actions. To see change and to create the transformation you dream of, you’ll need to commit and follow through. You can do it - know it, believe it.

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