A theme for 2016

Have you been to an event, maybe a party or a conference, that had a theme? It might’ve been a Christmas party or a party where people had to dress in costumes beginning with a particular letter, or maybe you went to a conference that was all about innovation.

Everything about the event relates to the theme. A Christmas party is likely to have a decorated tree, Christmas carols, ham and Christmas cake. Imagine if someone suggested having Easter or Halloween decorations at the party. The organisers would know straight away that those suggestions wouldn’t be right. Why, because the suggestions don’t support the Christmas theme.

The same can be done in life. The world we live, work and play in presents us with more and more options, opportunities, information, distractions and demands. And they’re coming at us constantly!

Choosing a theme for the year is a way to filter out the ‘noise’ so you can pinpoint what you want to give your attention, energy and focus to. Think of it as a lens through which you view all of those opportunities, distractions and demands.

Here are three themes I’ve had in the past – consolidation, fun and learning. 

In my ‘consolidation’ year I focused on doing the basics and doing them well. This theme was important to me because in the previous year there’d been a lot of change in my life. My focus was on me, getting things in order, and being settled.

In the year where it was all about ‘learning’ I did a mix of formal study to support my career and learning relating to my interests, like photography. As for fun, well I like to have fun all the time but a while ago it felt like there wasn’t a lot of fun in my life. I was working really long hours and seemed to always be stressed so I made a conscious effort to have more fun, to lighten up and to be kinder to myself. You know what? It worked!

So now it’s your turn to set a theme. Remember, your theme becomes a filter. The ‘noise’ – the options, opportunities, information, distractions and demands coming at you all the time – will pass through the filter so you can choose where to give your attention, energy and focus.


Thinking about 2016 and what you want it to be like (how you want to feel, what you want to do and achieve), what theme do you choose?  There’s no right or wrong and it doesn’t need to make sense to anyone but you. 

If you give your attention, energy and focus to your theme throughout 2016 you’ll find opportunities appearing as if by magic (but you’ll know the law of attraction is at work!). 

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Live your life as only you can. Your life, your way. – Tracey x