2016 in all its glory!

2016 will be shaped by where you put your attention, energy and focus.  Get set to put the spotlight on what you want and make 2016 a year to remember!

When people think about the future they more often than not focus on what they’ll have, like a new TV. And while ‘things’ can be important, I’d love you to think more broadly than that. 

There are four key aspects to consider –

  • how you will grow
  • how you will feel
  • what you will experience
  • what you will achieve


While I’d appreciate being a few centimetres taller (I wouldn’t have to hem the pants I buy!), it’s more than that. By growing we step into our potential and live from a place of faith and love, rather than fear. In what ways do you want to grow in 2016? Maybe you desire to feel more confident and courageous, or to back yourself more and let your light shine.


Imagine a scale from 1 – 10, where ‘1’ is you feel really stressed and very unhappy with your life, and ‘10’ you feel very happy and everything is just how you want it to be. How are you feeling now? How do you want to feel in 2016? What changes will you need to make to feel that way?


Experiences come in a range of shapes and sizes. It’s not just about big moments, like fulfilling a life-long dream to travel overseas or travel to out of space! The small moments each day are oh-so precious. In 2016 what experiences do you want? Maybe it’s more ‘me’ time, being more creative, more time with family creating beautiful memories, trying a new activity or meeting someone you admire. Whatever it is, get clear about the experiences you want.


By the end of 2016, what do you most want to have achieved? What dreams and goals do you want to give your attention, energy and focus to? Maybe you want to finish off some study, start a new course, run your first ½ marathon, changed job or have developed a more balanced life.  


Imagine it's 31 December 2016 and you’re at your favourite place, feeling relaxed and happy. You’re thinking about or perhaps telling a good friend about how the year has been. 

What does the year look like? Think right back to the start of the year, January 2016, and come all the way through the months to the end of December.

How have you grown and what have you experienced and achieved?

What words are you using to describe the year? What emotions are you feeling?

Provide as much detail as you can and write it all down in your journal. 


  • Refer to your life gauge. What will have been happening in each of the 8 areas of your life:
    • Business / career
    • Money / wealth
    • Health and well-being
    • Family
    • Relationships
    • Personal growth (learning and development)
    • Fun and adventure
    • Physical environment (where you live, work and play)
  • If you’re thinking about what you don’t want 2016 to be like, use the ‘law of attraction’ technique (from module 2). Draw a table and put what you don’t want on one side and what you do want on the other side.
  • If thoughts like “oh you can’t do that” or “you’re not good enough / deserving enough” etc. pop up, then acknowledge them by saying something like “thanks for caring, however I can do xyz". Or I am good enough, or I do deserve abc.
  • If you're thinking "that's a crazy idea to do xyz (or achieve abc) because I don't know how that'll ever happen" – STOP. For now focus on writing down what you want. We'll cover off the 'how', but not yet.

Remember, 2016 will be shaped by where you put your attention, energy and focus. What will you do?

*** Download a printable PDF version of the information and exercise here ***

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me by email.

Live your life as only you can. Your life, your way. – Tracey x