Success tip # 2 - first steps

"Most people fail to achieve their goals in life for one simple reason: they never take the first steps" Anthony Robbins

In Module 3, setting compelling goals, you identified the first few steps for each of your goals. If you didn't do that, grab your goals now and write down those steps. The steps can be as big or small as you want them to be, in fact small is good! 

When I set a goal to run a 1/2 marathon my first three steps were confirming which event I'd run, the event date and getting the registration information.

If you're thinking your goal is too big or that you cannot possibly achieve it. Stop. Be honest with yourself and answer this question – are you worrying because the goal is unrealistic or because it's going to take you out of your comfort zone? Go back to Module 3, setting compelling goals, and re-check the goal.

If, once you've re-checked the goal, you’ve decided it's for you, identify the first few steps. It’s common to not know every single step. As you take each step you'll grow, you'll feel stronger and before too long you'll be doing and thinking things you hadn't imagined possible. By giving your energy, attention and focus to the goal, the next steps will reveal themselves. I know that sounds mysterious and magical. It might even seem unbelievable but in my experience and knowing what's worked for others I can vouch for this.

At the end of 2013 I went into business for myself. Did I know every step I'd need to take, no. Did I feel fear, yes. Did I let either of those things stop me, no way! When people ask how I knew the time was right to go into business for myself my answer is simple, I believed in me and had more faith in my dream than fear. Each step, decision and action created a sense of movement and I just kept going. 

If you’ve ever seen a small child learn to walk you’ll know it’s quite a process. With each stumble the child gets closer to walking. As we get older we seem to need to know everything about what we're about to do, including knowing we'll be 100% successful. 

We research, plan, talk and talk some more. While some of that's necessary, there comes a time when it's procrastination because we're fearful. You won't ever know every single detail and the only way to guarantee success is to start. Start and you'll learn, make mistakes and learn some more, but keep going in the direction needed to achieve your goal. 


If you haven't already done it, put down the first 3 steps for each of your goals. 

*** Download a printable PDF version of the information and exercise here ***

Allow your faith to be bigger than your fear. Take the first step in faith, then another and another, and become a proud member of the 10% club!

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Live your life as only you can. Your life, your way. – Tracey x