Success tip # 3 - your support crew

How often do you feel like you're going it alone? You've got something you want to achieve and it seems like it’s you against the world? Right now there are people cheering for your success and ready to help you if you ask. 

Think about all the people you know … family, friends, workmates, people in your sports team, club, group or church, and acquaintances. Think about the people you admire (in Module 1). There may be people you’ve met or not, and they may be alive or dead. I bet you've come up with a BIG list of people. 

You’re not alone.

Each of us is surrounded by a network of people. Yet how often do we ask for help or draw inspiration from them? Everything you and I are doing has been done by someone else. We can learn from and be inspired by them, and model what they do. Cool concept, right.

When I think about my ‘life’ support crew I include a wide range of people, some of whom I’ve not met. Are you wondering how someone you’ve not met or someone who has died, can be in your support crew? Sometimes what you need most is to draw on the qualities of that person or to think about something they’d say or do, they don’t need to be physically present.

I know when I’m doing something new and feeling some fear I think about someone who has done whatever it is I’m about to do. Say I had to speak to a room full of people. I think about a speaker I admire, whether I’ve met them or not, and focus on what I like about them. It’s amazing how helpful this is.

As well as having a ‘life’ support crew, you can also have people who help you achieve your goals. Think about one of the goals you want to achieve – what sort of help might you need and who could provide that? There might be someone you know or perhaps you’ll need to contact an ‘expert’.

When I ran my first 1/2 marathon I talked to a trainer about a training programme, I went to a sports shoe shop and talked to someone about the right shoes for me, and I talked with friends who run. They all provided me with information, support and inspiration.


Who is in your ‘life’ support crew?  Come up with a list of at least 50 people or even 200.  The next time you feel like it’s ‘you against the world’ check out your list.  You’re not alone.

Who can help you achieve your goals?  Have a look at each of your goals and review who you put under the ‘resources’ heading, and add to your list.

*** Download a printable PDF version of the information and exercise here ***

There are lots of people who’ll cheer you on, support you and help you be successful. Ask for help. Draw strength and inspiration from others. And you know what? Right now you'll be helping and inspiring people and you might not even realise it.

I know you’ll be doing this anyway, but just a reminder to take time to thank people, acknowledging how they’ve helped you and how grateful you are for that.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me by email.

Live your life as only you can. Your life, your way. – Tracey