Success tip # 5 - celebrate success & acknowledge lessons learnt

The greatest gift you can give yourself is living a life you love. To do that you’ll need to make bold, conscious choices consistently. No longer happy to sift through life or react to what’s going on around you; you’ll be charting your course! 

I’m a big fan of celebrating when you achieve a goal. But along the way there are going to be a lot of small ‘wins’ and each one deserves to be celebrated. 

Make celebrating success a part of your DNA. 

Whether it’s a high five or fist pump, a resounding “yahoo”, thanking the people who supported you, buying a new pair of shoes, a night out, or whatever it is that’s special to you, do it. 

It's also important to acknowledge what you're learning. 

You'll make mistakes along the way or take wrong turns. They're all part of the journey. I once had someone say to me "there's no such thing as failure, it’s just feedback". If something doesn't work out as you had expected, that's feedback. Try again but do it differently.

You’re a beautiful human being not a cape wearing super hero who gets everything right the first time. Celebrate your human-ness!


Think about what celebrating success looks like to you. Then make a commitment to celebrate often!

Also think about how you'll acknowledge feedback (or failure). It might be that you have a belief that feedback (or failure) is part of learning or growing. It's part of changing and it's to be embraced.

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You know how some people save the best china or cutlery for special occasions? Those occasions might be years apart. Celebrating success and acknowledging the lessons you learn are often treated the same way. Why not turn convention on its head and make every moment a special occasion!

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Live your life as only you can. Your life, your way. – Tracey x