Life provides plenty of opportunities to learn and grow!

There's no guide book for living life - we by and large learn and grow "on the job".  And it can be hard going! At times it can feel like you’re fumbling blindly forward hoping and praying that things work out but not sure they will. And then, you’re on the other side. Maybe a bit battered and definitely wiser.

But that’s the thing about life - it’s not all plain sailing

Some of which come in the form of joyful experiences, but others are downright awful and at the time, they seem impossible to get through! It's as if they break us to the point we don't think we'll ever be able to be put back together again. But we are and we rise again forever changed because of the experience.

Diamonds are made under pressure

Through the toughest of times, we learn the most about ourselves. We do what we once thought was impossible. We develop our strengths and hone our skills. We realise we have more courage than we give ourselves credit for. And it's when we're out the other side that we can see how much we've grown.

Because no one is ever 100% ready for the tough times. But when those times strike, we show up and do the best we can based on what we know. And yeah, sometimes it's messy and you'll feel uncertain and unsure. But you know what? You did it one step at a time. No matter how shaky those steps were, you got through it.

YOU have a wealth of wisdom gained through the experiences you've had.

But all too often we look externally for inspiration and guidance. You just need to look on any social media platform to see a gazillion quotes full of life advice. Those quotes get liked and shared over and over again. And while I'll be the first to say I gain inspiration and guidance from others, I always listen to myself first. Because never forget that you have a wealth of wisdom within you to draw on. 

So with that in mind, if you were to create a quote (or a series of quotes), what would they be? What pearls of wisdom would you share?

And if your first thought was "I have nothing to share", imagine for a moment now that you do. Because you didn't get to this point in your life without learning some things. 

Go ahead and share a quote or 3 on Instagram using the hashtags #livewellnow and #lifelessons. And feel free to tag me in too @tracey__hancock.

You never know who you might inspire to keep going because remember, you have wisdom to draw on and to share. Imagine that! Imagine helping one person (most likely more) to take that next step.

Let me know what one of your quotes would be because I know you've got wisdom to share. I'd love to hear from you.

Go well,

Tracey x

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